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April 10, 2007

Four days . . . really four evenings

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Note to self – next competition, either start way in advance or have enough vacation time so you don’t have to work the days prior to leaving for the competition.

So, I was able to find within the example code an implementation of printf that works well. I can modify the low level code that outputs the data over the serial port to be interrupt driven but that’s something that will only happen once the entire robot is complete and working properly.

I wrote analog to digital conversion code last night (and will test today). I think I’ll write quadrature encoder code and pulse width capture code today as well. I’ll use the I2C interface for the ultrasonic sensor and can borrow the code I wrote last year for an IGVC competition.

I should also be able to do some body work – cutting out the lexan pieces that would form the structural frame of the robot. I hope superglue works well on lexan 😉


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