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June 8, 2010

My Take on the iPhone 4G – The Dell Streak is Better

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Ok, first, let us begin with a disclaimer. I have not actually handled either one of these phones. I’ve just been reading about them for the past 3 months. Actually, longer if we are just speaking of the Streak (since January when it was known as the Mini 5). Also, as anyone who knows me can attest, the Streak will be my immediate next phone. That is not to say I won’t have plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal with the 4G iPhone, but my purchase decision has already been made.

So, why am I not so impressed (especially given that my previous phone was an Iphone)? If we compare the design of the two phones, the 4G is just another iteration on the iPhone. Cleaner – yes. A Thinner? Definitely. Faster – uh huh. But these are all ho-hum to be expected changes. You don’t release another version of a phone that is worse than the previous.

So, incremental improvements aside, the fundamental difference between the 4G and 3GS is a front facing camera and higher resolution better view display. The display improvement is big enough that it cannot be lumped in as a incremental improvement (like styling, extra mic for noise cancelling, improved camera resolution, etc). So, that plus of course, a new OS – which is just again improvements over the old – so you’re not going to be seeing lots of new mindblowing things, mostly things that with the new hardware make everything work better and more smoothly.

So, if you were blown away by the iphone but had a few nagging issues that kept it from being the perfect device for you, yes, the 4G is definitely worth the upgrade. But that isn’t me. When it got down to it, I did 5 main things on my iPhone.

  1. Check and respond to email.
  2. Casual web browsing and some youtube when out at a bar.
  3. Facebook, IM, and about 2 games.
  4. Txting and phone calls
  5. Output video and music to my car

Even with the gaming – which I actually thought would be a big part of my iPhone usage – I ended up mainly only playing games when I was around my (at the time) gf’s iPhone. I’d jailbroken/unlocked mine and played around with other things, but mostly I ended up using that for UI tweaks and so that I could enable MMS on my unlocked phone. Being able to ssh to/from the phone was a bit useful but that was still mostly a useful trick I could do.

Given that there is only so much you can do with the actual process of making phone calls and sending txt messages, the dominating aspects of my use are interaction with the web and email. Since I am a heavy dual core thinkpad tablet user – and it is light enough that I have no real issues carrying it around throughout the day (and I have two batteries so I can go approx 6 hours at 80% brightness with wifi running) crunching through lots of open tabs, One Note, perhaps another office app, and matlab all running, my actual phone use was just when making calls, txting, in transit somewhere or out at a bar or away from home but not at school.

Given that essentially my life is mostly spent either at home or school and only an idiot would use a phone for entertainment when larger screened more powerful computing devices are present, there is really only a small subset of my life for a third device. As you can imagine, an iPad definitely doesn’t fit – too large. I’m not carrying one to the bar or gym. Any place else that I could be where I would/could use an iPad, my tablet is already there. What would be the point.

So, if I were to get a new phone, what would I prioritize? Well, look at my above list. Like it or not, google has the upper hand in implementing email access. Like I mentioned, phone and texting aren’t rocket science and everyone has gone the way of threaded conversations, so essentially my experience would be the same whether I’m on Apple or elsewhere. Access to social networking is roughly independent of platform since they all develop their own apps and game wise – I barely play at all – so again not a big deal.

So, the only other differentiator aside from using a google vs MS vs Apple email implementation would be in screen size/performance and media playback. Since I’m relatively agnostic to my media sources (ie I’m not tied to iTunes), my choices are either the larger 5 screen display of the Streak or higher resolution display of the 4G. Given that most of my time will be spent staring and interacting with the screen, that I have big hands, and I disliked the time I spent zooming in and out on the iPhone. . . my choice is relatively clear.

The Dell Streak just fits me more. So, this explains my decision. Now, just so you know, I from time to time will respond to what I see as blind devotion to all things Apple by attempting to destroy arguments as to why the 4G is better than anything else out there, even though I have clearly outlined here that such arguments are inherently faulty since what is more important now is the particular usage scenario for a given person. I tend to hold off making that point until the other side devolves to emotional responses (my usual cue that there is no further point in actually continuing an argument with someone) unless I’m feeling particularly evil. Since I don’t express an emotional response, if I don’t do this, I essentially keep the other side from ever getting closure.


February 18, 2010

When will I be Done?

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This question probably pops into my mind at least once a week. That measurement is not an average – perhaps it is better phrased as “it pops into my mind every week”, just some weeks I spend more time thinking about it than others. Going strictly by the requirements for the degree, my school requires about 4 years to complete. Official documentation suggests students taking more than 6 years may find themselves booted without a degree. While I don’t expect to take up to 6 years, I’m likely going to push close to four. And that’s even accounting for already having a Master’s degree.

Then again, in the grand scheme of things, my degree doesn’t matter – well the grand scheme of things that encompasses only my graduate school. Why? We are allowed to transfer up to 30 credits (10 classes x 3 credits)  of “graduate” work. Due to my . . .unconventional passage through my undergraduate program, I barely have that many classes available. Furthermore, I cannot transfer a course similar to one I’ve taken here or a course for which there isn’t an analogue. That rule eliminates about half my eligible courses. So, I ended up only transferring a bit over a semester of classes. That doesn’t even shave off a year from the time here – though theoretically, if I’d started the graduate program at this school, by the time I would’ve received the Masters degree, I would have completed about 2-2.5 years of the program towards the PhD.

So, what does this mean for me? Well, when my dad calls and wonders why (now) two years after starting, I still have not graduated, what can I say? I’m tempted to bring up this issue, but it feels weak as an argument, that the extra effort in getting a Masters degree only netted me about one semester in a 4 year program (instead of 4). All the other requirements that normally would have been fulfilled by that degree still need to be completed. What about research, do I have a dissertation topic? No. Well, what are you waiting for? I’m still working on coming up with one. Why, just get yourself an adviser who has open topics, then you could be done, right? Well. . . and what can I say?

I could argue that then I’d be working on something or a topic where I don’t have much interest. We’ve had this discussion several times before. About almost everything I’ve done since high school. When I took 6 months to get a job and refused to apply to the (at the time) numerous jobs in EM fields area so that I could find a robotics or embedded systems engineering job, I was told “Why does it matter – you’re going back to school anyway”. Now it’s “All that matters is that you have a PhD, not what you got it in”.

Perhaps that is true. And for some, that may be enough. Perhaps that is the immigrant attitude, get a terminal degree in some field and take the high paying job afterwards. But for me, this has not just been about a stepping stone to some higher place. Perhaps I am lucky in that I have the luxury of giving up so much of my life for the pursuit of something where I don’t really have a significant economic interest. Because honestly, if it were about money, if I never went back to school, I’d have been making more by the time I graduate than I could immediately command with a PhD.

Well, is it that you love research or teaching? While the answer is yes, I do enjoy those things, they are not alone in the core of my rationale. The core reason, what made me fill out those applications at costs of $1000+ when I was broke, what made me leave a nice job in a nice climate zone, was that this is something I’d always wanted to do. It is not quite a feather to line my cap, it is an experience that I am determined to have. An experience, like visiting the White House or traveling to a foreign country. So I do it, and do it my way. And in doing so, wonder if I’m losing a part of myself and feel like some sort of interloper amongst those who are motivated for other reasons.

Almost two years ago, I read a book entitled So You Want a PhD. I probably even wrote a post about it. I’m sure it is one of those events that turned the tide from me feeling depressed about my life back to optimism. I guess it comes to mind today because once again I sit pondering what is the real path to take between here and graduation? How do I live my life as a person who absolutely hates to borrow money from anyone, especially his parents, but for the past two months has been unpaid due to the bureaucracy of paperwork?

And I wonder how this affects my personal life and relationships. Certainly I know how it affects my activities with friends. I make excuses as to why I can’t go out because I don’t have the money to support such an activity. I wonder if I’m stupidly hanging on to some life I can’t have now because I have a car – which sadly now needs replacement parts I cannot afford. I live in an apartment with rent that seems reasonable, but I know there are much cheaper smaller places out there.

In my attempt to have it all, be a grad student, work on side projects at other schools, own a car, live in a relatively nice neighborhood, hang out with friends, have a relationship, perhaps I’ve just setup the situation where I can have none. Maybe I should have listened to those who told me to just focus on the school work, live in some apartment with 2 other grad students, leave only to goto my lab or get food, wall off all other distractions and be done with it.

Earlier this week, it occurred to me that regardless of where I am in life, I will always never have enough time. Work consumes a good chunk of my week. I’m constantly working on side projects. I’m constantly fixing a car that breaks down. If I were to just “focus” on one thing, there will never come a time when I could have it all. I would have gone from focusing on my undergrad work to focusing on my graduate research to focusing on my job. For what? So that I live out the image someone else has of a successful life and career? So that I attain some success which means less to me than it does to others? Or maybe they were right and I’m just trying to lie to myself and justify the life I’ve lived so far.

June 5, 2009

The Armchair Genius

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That’s right people. I am an armchair genius. I sit in front of my tablet, read the news or watch it, read blogs or online magazines, and think about how much smarter, how much more self control, how much more morally consistent I am than everyone else. It is not hard to believe, after all, the world revolves around me. And as such, I’m glad you’ve humbled yourself today to catch even a small nugget of my intellect.

Yesterday I read about the Stanford Prison study. There have been other psychological experiments which yielded similar results but the conclusions drawn here were applied to an article discussing torture and Abu Grahib and the kind of situation that can make otherwise “good” people go “bad”. I will state now that in my infinite wisdom, I have already determined that “good” and “bad” are very subjective. That good and bad are not fundamental qualities of a person, but just a general consensus of how we (and they) view the results of their actions and motivations.

For example, the issue of torture. I’m sure there are many who believe what they were doing is right. That their methods were justified by their results, whatever that may actually have been. That by “keeping us safe”, they should have a get out of jail free card. But on my end, I just see torture. And as with anything that does not directly affect me, I feel that our laws should be immediately and impartially applied to them.

However, there are those that passionately feel the opposite. It is tempting to think they are idiots, immoral, unethical, lacking of humanity. But mayhaps they are not. I used to believe that ignorance played a major role in such things. It certainly can neatly explain why racism still exists and how many conservatives act like it doesnt. It neatly explains how they can earnestly decry any responsibility for what minorities have gone through and continue to experience in this country. It is how they can make statements like “What other country do you people have this level of rights and standard of living” without seeming to realize that until things are equal, truely equal, I would rather work to make America the place where minorities are treated and regarded as equals and not a place where it’s the best we can expect to have in the world. The best shithole amongst shitholes is still a shithole. Seems simple enough to me.

So, in my infinite wisdom, I thought, given that I have wisdom and knowledge and understand these things and they don’t, it is clearly an issue of ignorance. They just don’t know what I know. But perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe they do know what I know. Yet their life story has crafted such a widely divergent viewpoint, their current situation presents such a different outlook, I fear that no amount of knowledge can bridge the gap.

My thoughts turned to relationships. I was in a long term (3+ years) relationship a few years ago. One that my parents very much objected to when they found out about it. At the time, I wondered why they didn’t understand, why they didn’t support me, but now that it is over and time has passed, I’ve come to see some (but definitely not all) of their rationale (one does not become an armchair genius overnight you know). My being involved, no matter how pragmatic and impartial I think I can make my self, irrevocably changes they way I view things.

One conclusion of the study is that in situations like the prison experiment, our mind attempts to deal with two conflicting ideas and what wins out is that of conformity, the decision that is in line with those around us, those with whom we have a very close relationship, those with whom are in authority over us. I’m not saying that other people on the outside are always right, but providing a framework for this logical leap – which is that relationships can be the same way. We can at times deal with conflicting emotions, desires, and thoughts. But we stay because of inertia. Things have been moving in a certain direction, other people expect things of us, we have obligations, we want to do what seems “right”, so we suppress those contrary feelings and move on.

It can be easy for me to then say, the things that I allow myself to do should be those, for better or worse, that don’t generate internal conflict. My current academic/career choice and direction has been largely internal conflict free. My relationships, not so much. Buying my car, conflict free. Buying a ring, not so much. The problem is, I recognize that certain things in life, by their very nature, cannot be completely removed from conflict. Or perhaps, the reason is by my very nature, I cannot experience them without internal conflict.

My personal views about long term relationships have undergone a drastic shift in the past couple years. In 2007/2008, while I was single, all I wanted was an end to that status. To have a relationship with someone that I care about, respect, enjoy spending time with, and wanted to grow with and allow them to help me grow. In many ways, I’m a very private person. I dislike sharing information about myself and tend not to make what I feel are unneccesary conversations. So, when I am with someone who I can open up to, it means I’m in a very vulnerable state, and as such, that person must be special.

Now that I’m with such a person, my mind wanders at time. Damn the greener grass syndrome. I wonder if I just need time to get it out of my system. A friend of mine had his girlfriend recently leave him because she wanted to be single to discover who she really was. She’s been in one relationship after another almost continuously for the past 6+ years. Is this possible? Can one ever truely satisfy that kind of thirst? I don’t know. I’ve always said that commitment isn’t a feeling as much as it is a decision.

I hate second guessing my decisions. I fear that I can make wrong ones.

By the way, I actually am a good writer. However, my thoughts themselves (at least when not concerned with robotics) tend not to be organized. What allows me to pass english classes is an ability to turn jumbled messes into works of art. Unfortunately for those who came to see art, I feel no such compuction with this blog to clean it up beyond what flows from my mind (and any sanitization to protect my vanity).

March 14, 2009

A rant I forgot to post.

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Once again, Pat Buchanan demonstrates that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about when it comes to race. While there are plenty of items here to criticize Buchanan (and in many cases, general white thinking on race and this country), Dyson addresses a lot of them, albeit while suffering from technical glitches in the transmission of his rejoinders. However, near the end, Buchanan starts saying things to the effect of “America is the best country for black people”.

Well, I’m not going to argue with that. Dyson doesn’t really notice it, but I think this statement highlights what is probably the biggest issue black people will continue to have with Whites for years to come. This statement perfectly captures a deep misunderstanding of the current state of race relations and demonstrates that people just don’t understand what exactly is injust about racism.

Perhaps I can illustrate the problem with this example. Buchanan is essentially saying, for black people, you can either go elsewhere (other than America) which is pretty bad for you, or come here (America) which is just bad. Since America is just bad, we are the best, because everywhere else is pretty bad. Given that we are the best, black people should be happy and focus on working out their problems themselves, because the rest of us (whites) no longer have anything to self correct.

You can see the problem here. Black people DEMAND equality to whites. We don’t want to live somewhere that is the “best in the world” for US. We want to live somewhere that is the best in the world. We are not satisfied with the status quo. We want to have status in America, be treated in America, have opportunity in America, equal to a white person. We are not satisfied with having status, treatment, and opportunity that is better here than anywhere else. That’s not good enough. Because it doesn’t take much to see that as much as white people “treat us nicely here in America”, they still treat themselves much better.

It is so obvious to me what that simple sentence conveys and it is amazing that Buchanan can say it and it not occur to him what it means. Perhaps it’s because I’m black. . . I guess there are some things that will continue to boggle my mind. All this being said, I commend Buchanan for the courage to speak out the way he does. (*note, I don’t quite like the title of that video. I don’t think Buchanan is racist, I think if I could have a day to talk with him, we could clear up a lot of things). Because by doing so, he educates the rest of us on what whites are missing when blacks talk about racism and our struggles and problems within the community and by understanding that disconnect, we can work towards having a more fruitful discussion between blacks and whites.

December 2, 2008

Six Years is a Long Time

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So over the holiday weekend I was at home visiting family. As luck would have it, a couple of my friends from HS were in town and decided to get the gang back together. The first time the four of us have ever been in the same place at the same time since a couple months after high school. Anyway, at some point while waiting for the fourth to arrive, we decide (and this is probably alcohol fueled) to call a couple (female) friends of ours (or at least friends while we were in HS). Obviously, they’re still friends with at least one other person, because I don’t have their numbers.

The first did not answer what I was told was her cell phone. However, with my buddy insisting that it was, I sent a text message afterwards. In fact, now a lot of things are making sense. So, earlier this morning, I got an angry IM telling me not to “play” with her phone when drunk. Given that I know exactly what I did on the phone, I’m at a loss as to why it would constitute playing. However, I remember my phone giving me a message that it was unable to deliver an sms to voice message. Thinking it was for me, I enabled that feature. So, I’m guessing that indeed, it was not a cell number and that was what likely prompted the IM.

The other chick we called happened to be an ex girlfriend of mine. I suppose the conversation was tame, but now, a few days later, and given the IM from this morning, I’m starting to think about a couple things. It’s been my policy of late on facebook to remove people from my friends list who are not family or actually friends. There are a lot of people who were friends 6+ years ago, whom I’ve not really talked to in the time following graduation.

I added a lot of people, and likely so did they, in the initial join facebook frenzy of finding out who you know that is also on, however, now, I think it is now time to start purging my list of people whom I barely talk. Just a simple “remove everyone you haven’t talked to (by any means) in the last two years is probably enough to kill off half my list.

Perhaps I should just stop using facebook. Not sure why this came up, given that I now have less than 90 minutes to finish a hw project, but it seemed like it needed to be written.

November 21, 2008

One of These Days

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I’m going to figure it out. Like in my controls class, we went over a method for finding stabilizing controllers for unstable systems using coprime factorization. This method results in a characteristic equation equal to one, not zero. In the interest of taking notes, I did not question this when it first came up, but waited until after the professor had gone over all the material. The answer he gave wasn’t fully satisfactory, but after thinking about it some more, going home, and doing more reading, building on what he said, I think I understand the reason, though I’d much prefer to find a textbook explanation that connects the dots in more mathematical terms rather than inferences that make sense based on my understand of controls.

In any case, that anecdote is relevant to other experiences in my life. I’m able to get to a certain point, but things don’t progress beyond that. This is relevant in that I feel the reason is somewhere just beyond my grasp, that I possess most of the knowledge and experience to get an intuitive feel of the reasoning, but I’m looking for that definite aha light bulb moment or explanation. I’m betting it will turn out to be one of those things where you smack yourself on the head, perhaps a bit too hard, but go “Wow, this really should have been obvious to me all along! WTF was I thinking?”

And so today I write off another one. Well, in reality, that action is nearly meaningless because I’ve already been written off. Though part of the problem is my inability to be completely objective in these situations. I’m just too close, having an interest in one outcome, it’s hard to track evidence that leads to the other. Or worse yet, I’m likely misclassifying things.

Perhaps I’d be best served by attempting to create a bayesian decision network to model these things. I’ve had this idea before, perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to actually act on it. Who knows, if I can come up with a good enough model, there could be some marketable potential.

October 29, 2008

Who is a Marxist?

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The current charge in our political discourse is one of socialist. Some have even been so bold to call out others as Marxist even going as far to quote Marx to make their point.

From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.

This is used in making the argument that:

 Your rights to your property exist only so long as government will allow, and it’s just not fair to have more stuff than someone else.

Of course, this ignores the fact that even under the our current government, the first part of that sentence is true. Our right to anything exists only as long as our governing (and law upholding) body is able (has the legal means and authority) to allow.

The second part of that sentence requires a willful disregard on the part of the quoter of what Marx said. Specifically, if we look at the critical portion of the quote, to each according to his own need, it is clear that the amount of “stuff” you have isn’t controlled by enforcing some strict limitations on how much everyone can have but instead based on what you “need”. So, saying that it’s just not fair to have more than someone else is a very misleading interpretation of Marx. That implication brings into account an issue that Marx is not addressing there at all, fairness applied to a citizen’s wants, rather than needs.

Now, I’m going to let Boortz off the hook now since I’m primarily discussing attacks on political candidates, rather than misguided attempts to show that our schools are indoctrinating children with some government is the solution to everything view (a view that I’m not sure even counts as being socialist). I highlighted his piece to illustrate how pundits are deliberately misunderstanding Marx’s words in attempts to score cheap political points.

One of the arguments against Obama is that his “Marxist wealth redistribution plan” is bad. The rationale provided behind the arguments is that Obama is taking wealth away from hard workers (who are struggling as it is*) and giving it to layabouts who don’t work anyway and already live on the government (and our collective) dime. The problem with this argument is that it is NOT Marxist. As the quote above shows, Marx advocated that ALL citizens contributed according to their ability and are provided for according to their needs. 

This means that in a Marxist society, it would be impossible to find someone capable of productive work who is NOT working. The government wouldn’t allow it. Or society wouldn’t allow it.

I hate when people muddy the socialism vs capitalism argument with such bogus scenarios and claims. Fundamentally, the argument is about two viewpoints. One where the most important thing is the right of the individual and the other where the most important thing is the right of the society. The most important thing is more than just rights; it encompasses livelihood, values, etc.

Here is the problem, the ideal first view depends upon the assumption that everyone is equal. Equally hard working, equally intelligent, equal starts in life. That is impossible. The second requires that all work, intelligence, motivation, etc is treated equally, that is impossible because we are humans. As such, most of us are unable to live in a world where the reward for being a great window washer is exactly the same as that of discovering the theory of relativity.

Instead, we live in a medium between the two. There is no country that is truely capitalist anymore than there is one that’s truely socialist. Both are extremes that cannot exist due to the imperfections of humans. So, it is ridiculous to attempt to demonize someone as socialist or capitalist, given that our government, our political process, our economic process, whatever plans that either political party will conceive, will always have elements of both.

August 13, 2008

The Newest Insult to Hit the Streets!

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You arugula eating, soca berry drinking, peanut infused oatmeal-granola health bar chomping, three day a week gym exercising, people of the world love engendering, multicultural, non-conformist.

Seriously, all the kids are already joaning on each other using those words. I know I’m out of the game. But if you even come back to me with a word that relates thirteen and pastries, I’d be forced to call you a greyhead.

Just letting you know.

August 12, 2008

The run your car on water hoax

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I know I should not get worked up over this and mostly I don’t. However, every once in a while, I happen to stumble across an ad for some website that is bilking people out of their money or see some article somewhere and for some reason, it just raises my ire.

I suppose I have an above average understanding of chemistry and physics, but I’m really disappointed that the US education system is not apparently good enough that most people can see this for what it is. Unlike other scams which prey on your emotions, greed, and naivety, this one specifically targets your logic!

First, they attempt to convince you that there is some special “brown’s gas” aka HHO that is somehow different from H2O that is produced. Second, they attempt to argue that you can get MORE energy out of turning H2O into HHO than you waste in breaking it!! However, that is a pretty hard pill to swallow even with the (apparently) crappy education system that we have, so they attempt to tie in all sorts of anecdotal “evidence” and phenomena to show that it would work.

Some places claim to use sonic vibrations at the resonant frequency of H2O bonds to break them at very low energy. Why they say it works. . . uh because opera singers have been known to shatter glass with their voice. Umm. . . first – they shattered very special glasses – wine glasses whose composition differs from other run of the mill drinking ones. Also, the wine glasses used typically have a minute imperfection, not on the order of VVS in diamonds (ie, you could probably see the imperfection without needed 10x magnification), but something that if you held up the glass to show someone in front of you or over a tv camera, nobody would really notice.

And that’s just the beginning. Then, they claim results which are never EVER scientifically substantiated or are even reproducible. In EVERY SINGLE test ever conducted (under legal duress – ie, someone got sued for selling a fake product), somehow, it always failed. Of course, the whole industry operates under a huge conspiracy umbrella, that big oil, congress, your grandmother, and little Timmy down the street are all out to get them and foil everything they do.

Then, there are the testimonials where people claim to have improved their gas mileage by <= 10mpg. Hmm, that is NOT hard to do at all. Proper tire inflation, engine tune ups, all sorts of things which are probably happening behind the scenes. The biggest one is playing around with the oxygen and Mass Air Flow sensors on the car. Again, perhaps I have above average knowledge of how modern engines work, but it doesn’t require a genius to understand that if I screw with how much air the engine thinks it is getting, it will inject less fuel.

So, in the short term, you get better gas mileage. Long term, you’d probably need to replace your engine at some point due to the damage it’s accumulating. . . then I suppose you’d have to see if the $$ you saved compares to the cost of replacing the engine. . .or car.

Of course, each and every one of those systems violates a fundamental rule of thermodynamics – namely that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. They do it in numerous ways, but the easiest one to demonstrate (textually) is the claim that the water (fuel in this hoax) gets converted BACK TO WATER when done. So, you’re telling me that the fuel I burn to run my car. . . get’s returned to me.

Nobody expects the gasoline that is burned in the engine to come back out. That is plain foolishness. People almost understand why that doesn’t happen. So, why do you believe someone when they tell you that the water that powers this system gets recirculated back?

And seriously people, name ONE product EVER mass marketed and used that the science of the day unanimously said was impossible. ONE!

August 4, 2008

Would “they” change the White House to the Black House?

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I’ve not noticed these kind of sentiments and statements lately, though that does not mean they are gone. Perhaps the focus is on more things like how the McCain camp can’t help but acknowledge that people seem to like Barack a lot more than they do John as they attempt to portray him as nothing more than a ditsy celebrity despite that the two they chose are likely the worst that anyone would attempt to project qualities from onto Obama.

Perhaps though, that was playing it safe. Well. . . I can’t imagine they’d have an easy time getting many black actors/actresses or other personalities to appear in the ad. Wow, I just realized this. . . that Paris Hilton and Britney Spears may have been their only available choices.

But that aside, I started saying that maybe they were playing it safe because featuring a Kanye West for example may trigger some rumbling of attempting to portray Obama as an “angry black man”. Not that I’m saying Kanye West is an “angry black man”.

In any case, this post though is about speculation than an Obama presidency would actually change the name of the White House to “Black House” – pure bullshit, that pork-n-beans and chitlins would be served at the White House (I assume dinners with foreign dignitaries is the implication), and other such “blackification” [to coin a phrase] of the White House.

Now, aside from the ludicrous, what’s actually wrong with any of those things? The White House is the residence of the sitting POTUS. It is his (and his family’s) prerogative to institute whatever types of foods, drapes, bedsheets, portraits, rituals, and anything else they want – within reason and maintaining the decorum that befits someone representing the executive might of the United States.

Anxiety over these things is more than just worry that Obama will somehow sully the presidency. It speaks to a disconnect with and scorn for aspects of black “culture”.

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