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November 11, 2010

Time to Join the Bandwagon

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A lot of blogs that I started reading around the time I moved this blog over to wordpress and started trying to post on a regular basis (a goal that was never quite realized) have recently closed up shop.

Some, I didn’t notice at all. For whatever reason, I’d been on haitus as a regular reader, then when I looked them up, they were gone or I’d find references to them ending in other blogs. It’s like returning home after a long vacation to find a good neighbor friend has moved away. No postcard, no return address. Just gone.

Then others, well it was just time to come to a close. People moving on with their lives, the original motivation and premise for the blog being gone (because life moves on). This is not to say that these same people may not appear again, but in a different guise with a different focus.

And well, it is now my turn. I know from reading my posts, there probably isn’t a clearcut theme that can be found. So in my case, this is more of a case of moving on. Refocusing myself on other things. Will I blog again? Yes. Would it be recognizable as me – perhaps. It is going to be tough at first. The temptation to be kamakula from time to time will be hard to resist. But I think it’s time he said goodbye.


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