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February 18, 2010

What words are there to say?

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I have just finished reading this apparently the writings of a software engineer who is believed to be the pilot of a small plane that was deliberately flown into a federal office building in Austin TX. My sympathies go out to those who were injured or killed in this horrible event and their families.

I started reading it thinking it was the usual right wing complaint about big government taking over everything. But it is not. Instead it is the writings of a man who has lost all hope in making sense of his life, his government, and his country. This is a scary development, in part because it marks the second time in less than a year, that an engineer has gone out an taken the lives of several people for various reasons.

Reasons that while don’t justify their actions, I certainly feel are reasonable complaints. It is easy for me to denounce the acts of someone whose rationale makes no sense to me. Whose arguments seem not to be based in reality. I’m not saying I don’t denounce the actions of this man today, but it pains me to find that I agree or certainly sympathize with him, because I feel by treating him as a victim of sorts I am marginalizing the deaths that he has caused.

This is not the future I want to shape. I want to put an end to life where yesterday, one man could be seen to be a victim of circumstances beyond his control, the greed of others and injustice that has crept into our society, and today that same man becomes the architect of unspeakable, haunting, and senseless death and destruction.


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