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August 18, 2009

Put an End to Tolerance

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For a long time, we have preached and promoted tolerance in civil relations. Tolerance for people of different races, different religions, different genders, different sexual orientations; pretty much, tolerance for those who differ from us.

The subtext of tolerance is that these different people possess some quality that not only is different, but also threatens or scares us in some way. Every random person is different from me. The ones that you tolerate are those that bother you for some reason.

Growing up, that’s what I heard and read. That’s what I saw leaders of the present and past urging and encouraging. And for a while, I thought it was the correct message. But I’m starting to think it is wrong. We don’t need a message of tolerance. In fact, a message of tolerance is bad.

Why? Because tolerance, tolerating someone is essentially a way of saying, “while I don’t like you or what you do, I will restrain myself from doing or saying anything ‘politically (and legally) incorrect’.

Tolerance doesn’t actually change the hatred within a person, it just hides it under a veneer of civility. Now, that would be fine if by hiding such, it doesn’t get passed on to the next generation. But I don’t think that is happening. I don’t think tolerance has been enough to keep the problems it hides from propagating through time.

Tolerance is what leads to people making statements like “We (meaning white people) gave you (meaning minorities) x, y, and z and you people (again, minorities) are still unsatisfied”.

I will say this over and over until I die. Nobody, white or otherwise, has the authority to give me the right to goto college, to live life treated with respect and equality.

But when idiots think they are just tolerating me, then inside they feel they are giving up something to me. That is not the case. I’m not taking anything from some guy tolerating me. I’m claiming what has always been mine. I don’t want his tolerance. I want his acceptance or his casual indifference.

So fuck tolerance. We should teach indifference.


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