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July 31, 2009

The “Best in the World” Myth

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I’m tired of this “best in the world” framing of political issues by the right. We have the “best healthcare in the world”. We are the “best place in the world for persons of African descent”. Yada yada.

Let me tell you something, America was the best in the world 200 years ago. In 1809, should that have been an acceptable excuse for maintaining the status quo?

Just because we are the best in the world doesn’t mean what we are doing is just or right? Just because I beat my wife less than everyone else on my block doesn’t mean I am a good husband. Conservatives need to get off that bullshit. Everytime I hear it, I cringe internally knowing that I’m about hear some thoughtless argument come out of the speaker’s mouth.

Telling me that my life could be worse somewhere else doesn’t make me feel better. What, I’m supposed to be grateful for a shitty life in America because it could be truely crappy somewhere else? GTFOH! That because things are better here, I should not want to improve it? GTFOH!

What’s worse is that the whole “best in the world” meme is not even always true. As soon as someone brings up things like mortality rates due to some disease and other metric that reasonable people would think should factor into the “best in the world” measurement (with respect to healthcare), the response becomes “well, the American people aren’t so much worried about the quality that they’re getting as much as the cost”.

Again, let me cry with a LOUD VOICE, BULLSHIT. Cost and quality are not independent. I am willing to pay more for higher quality. If the quality of my medical care sucks, you can be sure that I’d be concerned about the cost. If anything, American’s concern with cost shows that they feel they are not getting as much bang for their buck. And you want to know some technical terms for “bang for your buck”, they include:

  1. Quality
  2. Features
  3. Benefits
  4. Coverage

Bang for my buck means not waiting in long lines, it means getting access to professionals with long years of experience, it means getting things right the first time, it means not having to deal with a lot of paperwork, it means once I pay for something, I don’t get follow up attempts to nickel and dime me.

Best in the world? Yeah, best in the world at fucking you over while smiling right in your face.


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