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April 8, 2009

Title: Too Tired to Think

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But not too tired to alliterate. In any case, it is crunch time. I’m down to the last couple weeks of the semester. I’ve got three term projects, two which are on their way towards completion, one that I’ve barely started. A paper that I need to write, summer job/research to find, a competition next weekend. . .

So, I’m very tired and even after some sleep, I’m still pretty energy lagged during my drive to school. As I’m circling Oakland, looking for a parking spot, I notice something. As usual, the warning goes off in my head “this cannot be good…” and BAM, we have a car accident.

She’s not paying attention, wants to go around a car stopped ahead of her, and turns into my lane without checking her blind spot. As this happens, my first thought is “grr, I’m already late for class but there’s no way I should just drive away from this”.

So, given that we’re all in the middle lane, I pull over to the side. Jot down my contact info, and hand it to the other lady whose car got hit.

Yes. . . I did the right thing. I witnessed an accident. Stopped to give my info, then ran off to find a parking spot and get to class. BTW, class ended about five minutes after I got there.


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  1. No one should ever be too tired to alliterate 😀

    Comment by Luvvie — April 13, 2009 @ 1:56 am | Reply

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