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April 6, 2009

It’s been a while

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Yes, almost a month since my last post. There’s been a lot going on, midterms have come and gone, I’ve got three term projects all due in the next couple weeks, a paper to write, a robot I’m working on (FieryTessaBot) and a woman I’ve been seeing. Near the end of February, we decided to exclusively see each other for a month and see where things went. Well, we’re still together.

This is an. . . interesting relationship for me. At the moment, I cannot honest say that this has ultimate potential. Our long term plans are not that compatible, I know our families. . . well, my family, will not mesh well. So, what am I doing? Is it ok to say, well, I’m young enough that I could be in a relationship like this for the next couple years before I need to be absolutely serious with the people I date?

Three years ago (wow. . . it’s been that long), I could only see myself being with someone that I could potentially marry. Then again, I was with such a person and so I may be giving myself too much credit on such “forward” thinking. It’s interesting at times to revist my thoughts, views, and actions which at the time seemed so correct and mature and now perhaps were not very objective. Then again, I don’t think one can ever be entirely objective about these things, but perhaps I can now understand my parent’s reaction a bit more.

I’m not saying I was wrong, but given that things didn’t work out, given my current relationship and outlook on life, I find myself separated enough from that aspect of my past to look on it as almost an impartial observer and pass judgement. It’s funny.

<start public service announcement>

On a wholly different note. To all my college readers out there, student loans are your friend. Max out your student loans before you even consider putting things on a credit card. For some reason, my malinformed college self thought loans were the devil and credit cards easier to manage. And for three years, I did well. Only spent what I could afford. Then one summer, I spent more and continued spending more thinking, well, I can make a bit over the minimums until I start working. Then six months before I started working, they yanked my credit line and started asking for much larger minimum monthly payments. I got fucked really bad, and am still managing the results of that mess. If I’d gotten student loans, not only would my credit not have been fucked up, but also I’d be debt free now, having saved a lot on interest and fees.

<end public service announcement>


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