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December 24, 2008

The Compleat Slacker

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I need to get a job. It’s been years since my only gifts at Christmas were cards, a call, or my presence. And before you say it, I know the true meaning of Christmas and that gifts aren’t important. The issue here though is not having the resources to purchase them and not the act itself. In times past, I could just say, well, there’s enough of me to go around. However, in this tough financial times, with an economic crises looming over the country, our president finally admitting we’re in a recession, I’ve gotta hoard me to myself.

So, where does that leave a grad student? I suppose I could look for a part time position at some store or chain. They know the vagaries of working round school semester schedules. However, and I had to say this, but I’ve become somewhat of a snob. I saw the signs soon after I bought my first car, but apparently snobbery is a mobile disease and spreads to other parts of your psyche.

So, browsing through craigslist again, I saw an ad in the gigs section for essentially an embedded systems engineer. No matter what happens over the next few years, I can always fall back on my skills in that regard. . .and those are well paying skills too. So, now I need to dust out the resume and put together a cover email that says, though I’m a full-time student, I possess the skill, drive, and desire to bang out this project for you in a decent time while still commanding the industry average pay for this job.

I’m willing to trade overall compensation for a bit of time flexibility. The system isn’t one I’ve used before, so that will require a couple days to come up to speed on each component – so that kills a week. Then, depending on actual access to real devices, I could probably write the code within a week, but debugging and testing could take longer if I all I can do is run simulations. That said, I’d expect they’d have an engineer who while they may not possess all of my skills, they’d know enough to take what I’ve done and put on the finishing touches – again, assuming it’s of sensitive enough nature that signing an NDA is not enough and I’m not allowed access to their facilities to test on the actual hardware.

So, obviously, I’m excited about potentially landing this gig. Despite there probably being a lot of similarly talented people in Pittsburgh who’d love a chance at this opportunity and have probably responded days ago while I’m still dilly-dallying. Yes, I’d admit it. I not only dilly-dally, but I can use it in a sentence.

But a new year is coming and for whatever reason, I’m feeling very optimistic about 2009. Perhaps HEC will come around and give me that date I apparently still want. Or even better, I find someone else and get over this for good. Mayhaps I’d light a fire under my ass and actually complete another fellowship application. I just realized that this year, my income was about a third of the previous, but my expenses had only dropped to (in the best case months) half. Spending essentially all the money I made this summer fixing my car did not make for good cash flow.

Bah, I will triumph over all. Story of my life.


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