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November 15, 2008

Mattress Factory: Art and Social Networking Collides

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So, it’s Friday afternoon. and due to scheduling, presence of food, and probably the positions of the moon and stars, our Wednesday noon seminar is moved to Friday at 3pm. The good thing, today, there’s actually going to be refreshments.

So, I’m listening to what’s actually an interesting discussion of a guy’s PhD dissertation in the field of power electronics, interesting for a couple reasons, I took a power electronics class last year where I met someone who would become a pretty good friend who’s Master’s work is in power systems.

Anyway, I’ve got my tablet with me and decide to check out a couple of my usual reads (VSB, C&L) and once that’s done, curious to see what’s going on at As soon as I’m there, the Mattress Factory post catches my attention: new exhibit, free admission to social networking blogging (geeks). Why geeks? Well, it’s implied in the signup page when they say “and all the WiFi one can handle”.

Naturally, I sign up, then get busy txting and IMing those within my network (strangely ironic considering that I did not utilize any of the social networking tools mentioned on the site to communicate this) about the event. This is interesting because I’d actually been thinking of staying in tonight and getting some reading done or finishing up projects.

So, because I am the kind of guy who’d carry around his laptop at such an event, it will be present. I’ll likely not be updating this in real-time, but perhaps we’ll get input from other goers vis-a-vis the tablet.


Well, we got there, laptops in tow, and being too lazy to wait in the online registration line, used our CMU ids to get in. Even though there seemed to be a lot of people who took advantage of the online registration, it became immediately obvious that either everyone else didn’t see the part about free wifi or were were the only true nerds to show up. (There is some irony in this because earlier today I’d been considering revoking my buddy’s geek card).

With the exception of a couple, most of the exhibits were a bit more technology based than the others I’d seen in my last visit to the Mattress Factory. One exhibit I thought created an optical illusion, turned out that the color changing and flashing lighting were just part of it. Due to the even being what it was, there was definitely a lot of interaction, discussion, and chatting than my last visit which felt more like walking around (a very interesting) library and perhaps smiling (or at best nodding) to the other patrons.

Of course, being engineers, at any computer related exhibit, we took the time to figure out how to replicate the artists efforts. Some good did come out of this, a plan for a prank to be played at the beginning of the next quarter has been devised. Whether it will be executed still remains to be seen. I will say though, that the Mattress Factory still remains a good place for a date.


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