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November 10, 2008

My Deepest Fears

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Watching the Office today, I think I finally discovered the identity of my deepest fear: Situations over which I have absolutely no control or ability to influence. Some situations may not start out that way. For example, the last time I was pulled over. Apparently, I’d interrupted a very busy officer by pulling into the road as he was hurtling down. Of course, I was at fault for recklesssly not checking traffic and must have just come from buying drugs despite pulling out of a Post Office parking lot because I needed to be asked several times in different conversations from whence I was coming.

Ok, so perhaps not all situations where I feel a loss of control or influence results in fear because I became increasingly angry and had a much harder time biting my tongue or saying anything other than, “Ok Officer” when he slams my door shut and tells me to go because there is literally nothing for which he can cite me.

But anyway, how did the Office reveal this deep hidden recess of my very wonderful soul? I’m glad you asked. You see, the Office is full of cringe-worthy moments of awkwardness between a few characters. And in watching today, I was reminded that I have the same reaction, typically when watching comedies that make any attempt at telling some sort of romance. Essentially, I have a hard time actually watching such things happen. In fact, it got so bad with the Office that I was forced to cut the office.

For those who didn’t get what happened, the blogger utilized a metaphor oft seen in the drug trade or any where substances are diluted with another to describe an evening where watching one episode of the Office required that one or two episodes of another show be watched in between.

Though perhaps that’s normal. After all, embarassing moments are exactly that, ones where we feel extremely vulnerable. 

So, a few notes about this post:

  1. I made a modest attempt to follow grammatical norms. What this actually means is that I made an attempt not end sentences with a preposition. (Yes, i realize that last sentence is both ironic and ends with a prepositional phrase that also serves as a pun. Grr, this reminds me of a few weeks ago where a blog post I was reading caused me to think of a sentence that was both sarcastic and ironic. From there, I looked up sardonic but the meaning does not convey a true unification of sarcasm and irony. Anyway, the annoying part of this is that I did not write down my sentence and must now wander the halls of my mind trying to come up with something new that meets the criteria.
  2. I’m not sure why I’m writing a post where I attempt to elucidate my deepest fears. I’m afraid I didn’t even do a good job. Haha.
  3. I changed the sentence preceeding this list from saying a couple to a few but after writing #1 I could only remember #2 but now I’m too proud to change it back. More irony. (I will NOT type le sigh no matter how many times I see other people using it).
  4. Anything you read within parenthesis is to be taken as off the record.

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