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November 9, 2008

It’s a New Day

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This post is inspired in part by this song by Also good listens, this and that. So, I’m in a good mood. My stomach is still a bit angry with me, tonight probably didn’t help, but whatever. I’ll be fine. So, what happened to the stomach and why am I happy? Glad you asked. . . 

It started Friday evening, ok technically, part of the story probably starts before that, but we’ll fast-forward through those parts. So, Friday, I’m watching How I Met Your Mother with my current roomate and eating dinner. We both had a beer with dinner and went through the second half of season three and first five episodes of season four. Well, epsidoe five pretty much ends with a cliffhanger.  So, a bit distraught, we do a couple shots of Wisniowka and decide to head out to the southside.

I was thinking of going to shadowlounge or ava earlier that night, but I’m not sure what else is in the area and we typically hit up a couple places while out and were feeling lazy. Anyways, we goto Tiki, partly because it’s kinda my spot when I go out in the southside and because my roomate’s been wanting to take advantage of their $2 wells and get started. Well, I probably have about 7-8 of those, plus a jameson on the rocks, and a baileys on the rocks.

After dancing with the cougars in Tiki, we goto lava lounge, find out there’s a $3 cover, just as we’re leaving (too cheap to pay), the bouncer recognizes us as friends of a friend and lets us in free. I run into another guy I know there, we hang out with him for a bit and I drunkenly hit on a girl and get her number. Since I’ve convinced myself earlier that I left my phone in my car, I borrow my roomate’s. Lacking the manual dexterity to bypass his keypad lock, I have to get him to unlock the phone, then spend what seems to be 3 minutes mistyping the girls number. Of course, I don’t even hit save on the phone lol.

Anyway, we leave that and mosey on down to Elixir. It’s a bit boring, so we head to Jacks. Same there and we start walking back towards Tiki. Conveniently, there’s a cab stopped at a light. Realizing there’s no way I’m going to be able to drive, I make the executive decision to take the cab home and we pile in. My roomate starts talking to the cabbie about me and our groups plans. Cabbie tells us if he hits it rich, he’d be glad to invests and gives us a couple of his business cards for us to keep in touch.

I get home, make it up to my room, somehow manage to hit the on button on the heater, strip, and fall into bed. 9 hours later, I awake. Already, I smell trouble brewing, typically, I sleep 5-7 hours and usually less after a night out (where alcohol was involved). My stomach is killing me. I know the solution to the problem, water and food. However, I’m under the vicious circle of my stomach hurting makes the thought and action of eating unpleasant, yet if I don’t do it, my stomach won’t get better. I make it downstairs and fall onto the loveseat apparently “curled up in the fetal position”.

I manage to drink down some water and eat some potatoes provided by roomate and start thinking, hmm, I probably should get my laptop. Problem is, the laptop is a few feet away on the couch. Getting it would require getting up. Getting up will make my stomach hurt. So, I remain. . . until I remember that I’m missing more than just a morning study meeting, I may potentially be hanging out with this cool chick at noon and it’s. . .gasp 12:10 already!

So, feeling energized, I get up, grab the laptop and check my email. . .yep, I was supposed to be somewhere ten minutes ago. I tell my roomate, go change and freshen up, then we get out to his car. . .and have to inflate one of his tires. Then we make it to the southside and luckily, she’s still there 🙂 I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun in a while.

Oh, so while I was negotiating the terms of surrender with my stomach on the loveseat, my roomate was telling me that my best friend apparently got into town earlier that morning. Anyway, a few hours ago, we had drinks with him, his new old gf, and a couple other friends. I knew that he was seeing someone (who lives in pittsburgh) a month ago but for whatever reason her identity didn’t click until he texted me that he was bringing her with him tonight.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll probably write more about this day later.


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