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September 27, 2008

Debates that Amost UnHappened and Other Things

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So, I watched the Obama-McCain debate tonight online through cnn live. I must say, the streaming was excellent. I figured there was maybe up to a two minute buffer or lag between when it actually started and when the broadcast began for me, but beyond not starting at exactly 9pm, it went pretty well.

Both McCain and Obama recycled a lot of their previous attacks, jokes, and talking points, McCain noticeably more than Obama. McCain was also sure to inject funding for veterans into almost any question that involved the economy and spending. He didn’t do a good job of selling why he’s different from Bush.

I liked the format, I wish the two had spent a bit more time “talking to each other” but otherwise it went ok. I think Obama could have spent more time dismantling some of McCains disingenuous attacks, but I suppose there were other points to be made. If I had to award a winner (and keep in mind that I AM biased), I would say Obama. Not narrowly enough that it could have gone to McCain, but I think given the questions and responses from McCain, Obama could have cut a more decisive figure (in more ways than one).

For various reasons,  I fell asleep promptly after the debate ended and woke up to an interview with one of my favorite actors, Jet Li. Pretty interesting. I went out tonight, then got a text message that I’d sorta been pretending not to anticipate all week. I failed to be strong, though I think I recovered well enough so that my moment of weakness would not be noticed. Still, HEC dominates too much of my thoughts.


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  1. Throw that caution to the wind, and sweep her off her feet !!!!!

    Comment by The Girl You Don't Bring Home To Momma — October 3, 2008 @ 12:34 pm | Reply

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