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August 4, 2008

Would “they” change the White House to the Black House?

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I’ve not noticed these kind of sentiments and statements lately, though that does not mean they are gone. Perhaps the focus is on more things like how the McCain camp can’t help but acknowledge that people seem to like Barack a lot more than they do John as they attempt to portray him as nothing more than a ditsy celebrity despite that the two they chose are likely the worst that anyone would attempt to project qualities from onto Obama.

Perhaps though, that was playing it safe. Well. . . I can’t imagine they’d have an easy time getting many black actors/actresses or other personalities to appear in the ad. Wow, I just realized this. . . that Paris Hilton and Britney Spears may have been their only available choices.

But that aside, I started saying that maybe they were playing it safe because featuring a Kanye West for example may trigger some rumbling of attempting to portray Obama as an “angry black man”. Not that I’m saying Kanye West is an “angry black man”.

In any case, this post though is about speculation than an Obama presidency would actually change the name of the White House to “Black House” – pure bullshit, that pork-n-beans and chitlins would be served at the White House (I assume dinners with foreign dignitaries is the implication), and other such “blackification” [to coin a phrase] of the White House.

Now, aside from the ludicrous, what’s actually wrong with any of those things? The White House is the residence of the sitting POTUS. It is his (and his family’s) prerogative to institute whatever types of foods, drapes, bedsheets, portraits, rituals, and anything else they want – within reason and maintaining the decorum that befits someone representing the executive might of the United States.

Anxiety over these things is more than just worry that Obama will somehow sully the presidency. It speaks to a disconnect with and scorn for aspects of black “culture”.


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