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July 10, 2008

I Can Fall in Love All By Myself

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I’ve heard this song handlebars by Flobots and there is something about it that really vibes with me at this time. The link is to the official music video which is pretty cool. There’s also plenty of other fan made ones on youtube which are pretty nice as well. I definitely like the way other people have chosen to interpret the song and convey the meaning behind the words and music. I must say though this video for the song is also pretty powerful.

Hmm, there is an itching sensation in my palms. Typically, that’s nervous energy but it also comes about when there is some exciting thought or plan bubbling beneath the surface. I think I may be inspired to write a bit later today. It’s been a while 🙂

Strangely enough, despite everything that has happened, I’m still infatuated with HEC though at the moment I’m still clopping around on eggshells. Though speaking of this, I’m starting to think I need a change of venues for when I go out. Not that I’ve really gone or done anything in the past month while my car has been out of commission, but perhaps I need to give the Southside a bit of a rest.

Even writing this is off topic – there is no real coherent topic of this post. So, don’t be further surprised as I bounce from one thought to the next.

So, yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. In talking, aside from two other people, I’ve made less than a handful of friends since I’ve been here in Pittsburgh with a good percentage being bartenders. Furthermore, none of these have gotten to the can call at 3am in the morning to bail me out of jail or drive 3 hours somewhere to help me stage (not that I’ll ever have a need to be bailed out of jail). The reason that even came up is that the one friend I have in that capacity will be shortly moving several hours away to start a new job.

I’m not necessarily bemoaning not having such type friends here, it’s just it reminded me of how rare it is to have really good friends. Makes me want to make a trip to TLH to visit sometime before the fall semester begins.


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