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July 2, 2008

Alert! Alert! Burnout Emminent

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It was no accident or laziness that made me decide as early as January that this summer was supposed to be a summer to chillax. By that, I mean not working more than 30 hours a week, spending several hours a day on my couch or in Schenley park reading (a fiction) book. Perhaps a couple hours on the odd weekend working on some issue related to my car.

So, now that I find myself spending most of my weekends fixing my car and pushing 40-60 hour work weeks (I only bill 40 because I spend time during the day thinking/planning/buying/etc related to fixing my car).

I’d planned to drive to DC to visit family for the July 4th weekend. However, due to several issues – the most annoying one being that it’s almost been a month and the guy I bought the motor from has sent me everything except one module. I can get the car running w/o it, however, having it saves me ~$150 which is plenty of money in my current state.

So, I’ve spent all of today (and a couple hours after writing this) working on the car. After this point, it should be 6-8 hours away from starting and running (assuming I either get that EWS module or take it to a dealership for realignment).

However, today, even though I worked with my usual. . .uh. . .tenacity? Bah, I’m too tired to think of the word I want – I started to get to the point where fixing the car became a chore. Work has almost gotten to that point which signals to me that I’m approaching the burnout point. I hope this weekend will be enough to recharge my batteries.

Even though I know I’ll be extremely excited and happy once this is done, I no longer feel the joy of getting more work done and this bothers me a lot. I still find work to be interesting and fun. Hopefully that continues until I’m done with the car and can start to catch up on cool down periods.


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