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June 12, 2008

I’m Still a Poor Grad Student

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I was reminded of this today by someone on a blog I read when I attempted to make a job about putting in my 3 cents – that my thoughts were more expensive due to the rising gas costs.

Ah well. Today was one of those that we starving grad students live for. I got to attend a talk that I was pretty interested in followed by pizza and soda afterwards. Then a few hours later, the secretary for my research lab came by to inform us that there was food available (I guess some high level meeting people did not consume all the provided eatables).

I wonder if there is more to come today? Sadly, I’m still hungry. I’ll probably end up eating the stuff I brought for lunch anyway, meager as it is.

In other news (if you know me, the ONLY other news would be related to my car), I’ve found someone near Philly with EXACTLY the wheels I’ve been salivating over for the past few months. I may be able to get them for about what I want to spend too. I got a quote for shipping through greyhound ~ $85. Hmm. . . I believe I’ll be taking advantage of Greyhound’s cheap shipping more often.

I realized the other day that I needed a 6cylinder exhaust system for the swap. I found one, called the guy and tentatively made a deal, then realized that he likely has other parts that I need. Rather than scavenge things from several different sources, if he has all the stuff I need, I can likely get a better price since I’ll be buying a lot of stuff from him, thus paying a bit more, and he gets rid of stuff faster, etc.

To be honest, you’d make more money by selling things piece by piece, but most people when they get around to it always feel a need to get rid of the junk car in their yard as soon as possible. So when someone comes along that wants to buy a lot of stuff, they compromise on the total amount that they could have made.

So, brake upgrade, exhaust, engine (which I have), and a few other assorted (small) things are all I need for a complete (and drive safe) working swap. So far, I’m still on track to finish in the time I want. Of course, I’m making huge assumptions about how easy the engine stuff would go. I mean, I plan on putting in at least a full 20+ hours of work over the weekends.

A pro shop (with lifts, experience, and all needed parts) can do this in a day’s time. Assuming that’s two guys at 8 hours, that’s 16 man hours. I figure it should take me four times as long – 64 man hours which fits into doing three weekends at 20+ hours a week.

In any case, this weekend should be a yardstick that I can use to determine if I’ll be able to make my schedule.


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