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June 9, 2008

Hate to Write and Run But. . .

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So, the unsecured linksys router in my neighborhood is now secured. This means I no longer have reliable internet access at home. It’s now 1100pm and I’ve got ten minutes before my bus arrives so I can go home. Why am I out so late, well, I started this 3 hour research thing at 630p and realized after it finished that I’d have to wait about 90 more minutes so I could catch the last bus going to my apt.

Good news though, the $30 I earned should pay for most of my food this week! This is awesome because I’m going to essentially be on starvation rations for the rest of this month since all my available cash will be diverted towards paying the next month’s rent and fixing my car.

Even better news, I bought a new engine. I’m going from a stock m44 with 143k miles to a m52tu28 with about 122k. Sure, it cost about $500 more than replacing with another m44 and will likely be a bit more work to swap in. However, the extra 50HP or 100ft-lb will be worth it.

I further justify this by reminding myself that I’d planned on doing this anyway. . . just a couple years from now (when my current engine would have been older with maybe 35k more miles and the incoming engine with about what I’m getting now).

Likely, I’m going to have to goto a dealership to have my existing eyes aligned to the EWS-II module for the new engine. I hope that they’ll do it without me having to bring them the actual complete car. That would be such a hassle. I’d have to likely use another AAA Plus emergency tow. Then hope the engine stuff was done well enough to start so I can drive it away from the dealership.

In any case, like all my car projects, I’m under a time limit. Must finish all work before the July 4th weekend. I suppose I’ll be telling my parent’s about this. But I’d feel a lot better about it if I was doing it from the stance of “yeah, I know, but I’ve already fixed the problem so I don’t want to hear any more about it”.

Engine ships Wednesday. So, this weekend will likely be spent fixing the window regulator, bumper cover, removing the transmission, and disconnecting and labeling all the engine parts. I’m so excited!

I suppose someone has cursed me with “may you live in interesting times”. Well, I’m glad for it. Whoops. . . I really gotta run now.


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