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May 26, 2008

The Best Laid Plans of Men. . .

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Are so easily dashed.

So, due to various situations in the past, the entire rear suspension currently on my car comes from another vehicle. However, the wheel bolt pattern is different, meaning that my front and rear cannot share the same wheels. Due to this and the lack of time for me to find appropriate wheels at the time, the rear wheels are smaller than the front. This means they revolve faster than the front ones which throws off the ABS wheel speed sensors.

So, in addition to having a mismatched rear end, ABS and ASC not working, my front tires are pretty much shot. This is in part due to my accident earlier but also some pretty bad roads here in PIT. Also, I’ve been told that all my brake rotors are warped and I need new brake pads.

Anyway, I finally got an opportunity to get the original suspension parts I needed from a guy in NY. I was going to NY this Saturday for a pub crawl anyway, so I thought I’d swing by, get the parts from the guy, then goto the pub crawl.

At this time, I can afford to buy those parts (suspension + rear brake rotors), buy matching wheels for the rear, new brake pads, and rotors for the front and fix up most of the remaining issues with my car.

Then disaster struck. On the way to the place, some part of my engine seized up. By the time I finished paying the tow company, the mechanic to look and tell me what’s wrong, tow my car back to PIT (because unless I am the most incredibly luckiest guy on the planet, I’m going to likely need to replace the engine (labor to fix almost anything will be roughly the same as just putting in a “new” one), I’d have spent most of the money needed to buy the rest of the stuff that I wasn’t getting this weekend.

So. I’m screwed. It will be at least a month before I can afford to even fix, whatever that entails, the engine and I’d want to do that first before tackling any other jobs. I am seething with frustration and oozing with repressed anger over the timing of all this.

Further complicating things is it being the memorial day weekend holiday so my car can’t be looked at until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a professor at CMU who may be interested in hiring me for the summer to do research with her has scheduled a tentative meeting for Tuesday. A company that would be cool to work for has offered me an internship, but would likely be unpaid for the first month (and likely I’m not going to be compensated for any work done during the “free” period.

So, at some point in the next few hours, I need to decide what I’m going to do. It’s things like this that make or break some grad students. Repressed! Gah. When I get back home, I’m going to sit in my living room and scream until I get this out of my system.


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