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May 10, 2008

Surprise Resolution

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This title is interesting. Because I did make a resolution today. I also got a surprise. From the fire burning in the forge of these two entities, a surprise resolution was formed. If I thought this week was slightly less exciting than usual, Friday decided to give me a swift kick in the pants.

It started with me waking up late today. Having no plans other than to visit CMU and try to smooze a professor or two into giving me a summer position (paid one at that), I was lounging in only my robe and decided to head downstairs to do some laundry.

Now, my apartment is the top two floors of a house. The first floor houses another apartment and we share the basement which holds the washer, dryer, our respective heaters, storage space, and other basementy things. So, I headed downstairs (still in my robe) with some laundry to do. Put the coloreds in the wash, then headed back up to my apartment . . . only to find the door locked.

Apparently, I’ve gotten into the habit of locking the door when I leave without thinking about it. Unfortunately, at this moment, I had NONE of my keys on my person and I was robed in only. . .well a robe. Due to some habits I’d picked up in TLH with my apts there, I’d locked myself out in PIT a few times in January so I had several copies of the house and room keys made.

There is a set that is usually clipped to the belt loops of my pants (when I happen to be wearing them), one locked in my car, and another at a friends house (who happens to be out of town for the next few weeks). In the past couple months, I usually had the car keys on me, so I’d go out and grab the ones in the glovebox. Today, I could only hope that somehow I’d left the car unlocked when I got home yesterday.

So, not wanting to turn this into a Comedy of Errors by going outside in my robe, I decided to wait until my clothes finished washing and drying so I’d have something to wear. To alleviate my boredom, I decided to play texas hold-em on my phone that somehow made it out the apartment with me.

Just as the clothes were put in the dryer, I got a warning from my phone. . .low battery! This is an issue because if by some chance my car is not unlocked, I’d have little power left to call my friend and try to arrange getting the copies of my keys. So, after I’m dressed, I head outside – car is locked. Call Nate, appraise him of the situation, and ask for the phone number of one of his housemates.

While Nate is reading the number to me, the phone dies! Crap. . . I knew something would happen during the conversation. Miraculously, it turns back on and I send Nate a text message instead to conserve power. I get the number, text the housemate, get a reply, and as I’m about to appraise him of the full situation, my phone dies for good.

Now, I have no choice but to leave the apartment, find a pay-phone, and utilize my memory of my last callingcard to contact the housemate and hope he can deliver the keys to me. Luckily, that was done and I was able to once again become master of my domain!

So, yesterday, I’d ended my post with a cryptic remark about being pissed off. I’d sorta decided today that after this weekend, I will no longer actively pursue the opposite sex. I was essentially back to square zero (we electrical engineers [and likely most programmers] count from zero, not one), and was a little . . .ok a lot. . frustrated with the way things had gone in the past two months.

However, I’d already planned on going out to a couple places tonight and Saturday, so the resolution would not take effect until I got home early Sunday morning. I felt I was finally getting over my crush on HEC and a certain other chick and I needed to take a break before I became jaded with the entire (apparent game).

So, you can imagine my surprise when HEC CALLS me! We chat a bit about things, what we’ve been up to, how things are going. She apologizes for not returning my calls (*gasp*) [well in my head], and she mentions potentially us (and some friends) hanging out tonight. I am totally cool with that and not surprisingly, this makes my day.

So, apparently, I have not gotten over my crush on this girl because after talking to her I was probably at that moment one of the happiest guys in the burg. Thinking about it, I know this will help me stick to my other resolutions because even though I know that at this time, nothing will happen between us, I know I’m going to be happy that she’s at least now talking to me and wants to spend some time together (even if others are about).

So, I made the surprise resolution – I’ll try my best to keep things low-key between us and let her make some of the next few moves. Of course, I’d still have to take the lead on getting her to hang out, but anything else will need pretty direct signal from her.

So, I went out tonight. Had fun. And got home in pretty much a good move. I hung out with her and her buddies for about an hour. Chatted with her, though I made sure to give more attention to becoming friendlier with the others. Also added a couple new songs to the playlist . . .pretty hot stuff 😉

Oh, and to everyone out there, replacing milk with Baileys in scrambled eggs does not make for good scrambled eggs. . . or at least when you’re using cage free vegetarian fed eggs. I’ll have a boiled one in the morning and determine whether it’s the eggs or the Baileys.


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