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May 9, 2008

We Only Have Six Months

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A couple times a month, Nate and I and maybe some others in the group get together and brainstorm either ideas we have about technology that we’d be interested in developing or further discuss ones we’ve already brought up.

However, we’re seeing that within six months to a year of discussing some idea, there is an actual company out there who is on the verge of releasing a product to the world. This is almost exactly one such idea that we’d discussed and started fleshing out in January.

This tells me several things:

  • If we’re going to make this business idea work, we’ll all need to commit to it full time.
  • We’ll need to have the resources, drive, and know-how to take a concept from idea to prototype within a couple months.
  • We’ll need a portfolio of IP – whether in the form of existing designs that we prototyped but didn’t bother advancing because someone beat us to market or other projects that we developed on our own to gain experience in some area.
  • We’ll need the services of a good patent lawyer – luckily, two of the group members are in the process of becoming such.
  • We’re going to need to be prepared to have a significant number of our projects fail – and by this I mean others beat us to it or just not turn out to be immediately useful or marketable.

Personally, I’m willing to go through all of this just to have one good success. That’s all it takes to make us. From that point on, we’d have established a reputation that can help us compete against people who bring similar products to market. We’d also have established an engineering and financial base that allows us to aggressively pursue our ideas, rather than just talk about them like we’re 20th century physicists conducting thought experiments.

In other news, I’m pretty pissed off right now. Though its not really related at all to this post.


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