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May 8, 2008

Arranged Meetings

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Today I had a conversation with my dad about my summer plans, how this semester went, and somehow in conversation, a particular name came up. Let’s call her MissO. MissO is the daughter of a family friend who happened to major in EE at the university where my dad teaches. At some point, he introduces her to me while attempting to kindle some sparks.

Now, the timing of the introduction was atrocious, I was in a relationship with someone else but in any case, MissO is not really my type physically. She’s just too skinny. Strangely enough, my gf at the time thought that would be a reason for me to be attracted to MissO. . . Women. . why can’t you believe me when I tell you that I love the way you are?

Anyway, my relationship ends, there are more “chance” meetings with MissO and encouragement from my dad to get to know her, but MissO doesn’t really seem that interested and what’s more pertinent to this situation, I’m still not interested. Cool person yes, physically attractive, still no.

So, what is the point of this? I think my dad thinks because HE introduced us, I’m reacting out of some. . . whatever against arranged meetings and thus not taking her seriously or not being interested because I’m “rebelling”. That is not the case at all. I have no problems with people introducing me to attractive interesting girls. It doesn’t even matter if the girls are predisposed to like me or not. However, if something doesn’t work. . . you gotta let it go.

I’ll be in DC in a few weeks. I think I’ll just have to have this conversation then. I’m not adverse to meeting people, but if you detect a path is at a dead end. . . you gotta back up and find another route.

My dad is making a big deal about him running into her several times on campus (he’s a prof in a different department). Personally, I think that’s just happenstance. I can think of several people at RIT that I only ran into about once or twice a quarter. Nothing significant about it.

What is hilarious (to me) is if you listen to him now, the clock is ticking on me. A couple years ago, when I was deep in it with my ex, I had all the time in the world 🙂


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