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May 5, 2008

Comments on My Posts

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So, today I looked around and noticed that some posts had comments disabled. This is especially annoying because I’d wanted people to comment on this post and despite people looking at it, nobody had written anything. . . then I learned just now that comments were disabled.

I’m not sure what exactly happened to disable comments on some posts. Maybe it was the way I edited them or something. So, now I will be verifying this a bit more until I can trust wordpress to apply that status correctly or I figure out what caused the issue.

Today was another lazy day. Got up, ate some brunch. Went to Schenley plaza to read for a few hours in the nice sun. Then back home for dinner. More reading and a small nap mixed in. I feel so bad though it’s like I was telling Nate I no longer really know what it’s like to just relax and do nothing for a week.

Still, I do need to find something for the summer and earn the extra cash I’ve apparently been spending on my weekends.


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