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May 4, 2008

An Interesting Night to Say the Least

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Wow, a lot has gone down tonight. Part of it was a major disappointment for me, part of it involved meeting someone I’d sorta befriended online, and part of it was a normal weekend out for me. I guess though the bad was mixed in with the good. Well, enough vague statements – people who’ve read my previous blogs have mentioned that I write in an amorphous manner, where things could refer to many different potential scenarios. Herein, I will be relatively explicit.

So, the plan tonight was to meetup with CSC at McFaddens and take her with me to a few spots on the southside and perhaps end up in a certain apt later on. I’d called CSC on Friday to confirm our plans – and gotten an affirmative – yeah, I’ll be at some graduation party but my friends know I’m leaving with you.

Anyway, I get to McFaddens at the appropriate time. . .she’s not there. I end up waiting almost an additional hour for her to show up. Meanwhile, McFaddens is like a single guy heaven. Cute/hot girls everywhere. So many of them, that even though I’m just standing there watching the SA vs NO NBA playoff game, there are still girls coming up grinding on me or chatting me up.

In some sorta chivalry thing, I don’t flirt back as much as I’d usually do since I’m technically waiting for CSC. This turns out the be a bad move. So, CSC texts me that she’s arrived just as I’m writing her off and about to get on the dance floor with someone. A few minutes later, she’s still not inside, so I go find her outside.

Now, she has a legitimate reason for being there, but still. . . she knows I’ve been waiting for a bit and we’re supposed to be out sans friends. Anyway, I go out there, chat with her and a friend of hers, then go inside with CSC where she meets up with her friends who are there. I get introduce to a few, but it is soon obvious that she’s there to party with them.

When I mention my plans to head out, she’s like I’m staying here because it’s my friend’s party – hmm, totally opposite what we’d talked about. Whatever the fuck. I’m out to the southside where I know I’m going to have fun. I meet up with a few friends of mine, then head over to my usual spot.

There, I go downstairs to get a drink and chat up the bartenderess. I also happen to meet bartenderess’ boyfriend that night. . . darn – the two cute bartenders both are taken. While I’m there, I chat up a girl who is getting a drink and use my connect to get her stuff faster. We chat for about a minute afterwards, then I leave her to get on the dance floor.

A bit later, she’s exiting the dance floor with a friend, I interrupt that, and we dance for about ten more minutes until she really has to leave, at which point I get her phone number. So, anyway, I’ve (here and other places) have written about my exploits while out in Pittsburgh. Someone who has read about those sent me an email a few minutes ago and we chatted, finding out we had stuff in common.

Anyway, we talked about meeting up and hanging out, but never really made any effort to make anything happen – likely due to finals weeks and other shit going on in our lives. Anyway, apparently, my description of my usual Tiki Lounge activities was good enough that based on what he observed tonight, he actually came up and introduced himself.

I find it interesting that I have a signature. . . outing behavior, so much so that someone who has read about it can recognize me just by chance observation of my activities. I suppose though, the chances of running into another tall guy who knows cute bartenders and is comfortable approaching girls on the dance floor who regularly frequents Tiki Lounge are pretty slim.

Of course, there are other aspects about all this that probably made it easier for him to guess it was me that I’m not sharing here πŸ™‚ . So, now I’ve got a cool new friend who will definitely help me broaden my social network in this city. and vice-versa. Even more amazing – I’ve already noted how small the world is – apparently, we both know HEC.

So, tonight was disappointing in it’s inception, though I did find a cool new spot that I’m likely going to be hitting up. I ended up being free enough to meet a potentially interesting girl, and finally got to meet a new friend in person.

There are so many cool stories from tonight. I’m going to have to write an even more complete accounting of tonight’s events so that I don’t forget. At least my apartment and car are super clean – side effect of tonight’s original plans, and I’ve got cooked food πŸ™‚

I love my new self. It’s amazing how different I am from last year.


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