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April 29, 2008

Let’s See You Dance, Sucka You Got Nothing on Me!

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So, I spent a lot of time last night (night of 4.30.08) playing around on stickam. I must say. . . it’s a pretty interesting and strange place. Mostly dominated by white female teenagers. Despite the . . . broadcast yourself nature of the website (or at least it’s original intent), those who are actually using it for that purpose tend to be in the minority (and are mostly white males or groups of white males promoting themselves for some purpose – music, comedy, etc).

So, it is mostly used for people to meetup with friends online and chat about things while I guess their friends can watch them sit in front of a computer or laptop surfing the net. Maybe it’s just me. . .I’d rather go to someones house and chill or drink with them than do it over webcam.

But wait Kamkula. . what if you live in different cities, states, timezones? Hmm. . . I guess I could see that. I’ll withhold my judgment for a bit then.

So, earlier on, I’m trying to figure out my Saturday evening and I send a text message to CSC asking what they’re up to that night. Now, we’d been texting earlier in the day (maybe were going to hang out but that didn’t happen) so this wasn’t just out of the blue. Anyway, I get back in.bed.with.u and I’m looking at that thinking. . . man, I really did not pick up on this at all.

This is one of those moments when something happens, you want to react immediately, but some smart thing in the back of your mind stops you. So you sit down and think. If this were a sitcom, you’d see the star of the show (me), get a text message. Look at it. Put the phone down on his coffee table and sit down. Suddenly jump up and pick up the phone as if he’s about to do something, then put it back down and take a seat for a few minutes, all the while staring at the phone with his fist resting under his chin, in the classic The Thinker pose (I believe a sculpture done by Rodin if memory serves me right).

I opt for the safer response: LoL, that sounds good though I’ll need more comfort and flirting before that. How about . . . Yep. As Jon would say, I’m silky smooth 🙂



  1. BTW people – this song was just made up for that south park episode “You got F*cked in the A”. They took the beat and modified lyrics from Splack Pack’s “Shake that Ass Bitch” (and let me see what you got).

    Comment by kamakula — May 15, 2008 @ 6:10 pm | Reply

  2. then how do you mix it together and buy it on itunes mixed together?

    Comment by kyle jacob — October 6, 2010 @ 2:13 pm | Reply

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