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April 26, 2008

Hell and Damnation

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Tonight has been a pretty good ending to a pretty long week. However, I’m still very pissed off (at myself). Ah priorities. And after I’d said I’d lay off the Pittsburgh girls until the end of the summer. Well, I guess since she’s from Greensburgh, it doesn’t count. But anyway. . .

So, I decide tonight I’m going to check out a spot or two in the strip district (ended up only going to Firehouse Lounge) and see how things were in that side of town. Given that this is the last day of finals week, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised on how scarce things were. After about an hour there, I decided to head over to my usual spot, the Tiki Lounge.

Tonight, I was in luck. Barbie was there, so we chatted a bit while she got my drinks (ahead of all the chumps who were waiting – perks of being friends with a bartenderess) and I went up to the dance floor. Somehow, the crowd that was there when I arrive had thinned out, so I headed to the front, started conversation with a couple people, but ultimately ended up back downstairs with Barbie.

While I’m there, these two hot numbers show up (I’d seen them walk in upstairs) and grab a seat. I go over and start talking to them. Immediately, one – Christina introduces herself to me. She later introduces her friend, Emily. They both head upstairs and a few minutes later I do as well, only to run into them on the dance floor.

I dance with Emily (strangely enough) for a while, then they both leave to go get drinks (well at least for Christina). It’s obvious they’ll be back but meanwhile, I notice another group of girls who are on the floor and start dancing with this 9.5 – Jessica.

Jessica is 27 and from Greensburg and apparently takes it upon herself to “teach” me what to do with women in the club lol. Unfortunately, since I was giving her more attention, I ignore Emily and Christina when they return and lose the opportunity to close them.

Obviously, nothing really happened with Jessica. It was a fun night, don’t get me wrong, but the ending was pretty frustrating. With the way things have been going in the past couple months, I may just end up with someone a couple years older than me.

The have the maturity level that matches me and I’m more or less at their level in life and experience. Given how attractive the people I’ve met have been, I see no problems with those prospects. Still, nights like this while fun and exciting can be quite frustrating.

Oh, I’d like to give a shout-out to my car. Without your superior handling and anti-cop beam, I probably would not make it home with wallet intact on nights like this. I love you :).


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