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April 26, 2008

Be Proactive! That is the Key

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Really, it is key with a lot of things. People just tend to live in their own bubble. I know I do. If you want to get my attention and pull me outside my bubble, you need to make the effort to call me, remind me, etc. I think this kind of behavior is well understood among friends, at least my closest friends.

We know that if we want something to happen, we can’t just lay about waiting for someone to call us, we instead call them. Get in their business or invite them to ours. The same applies to school, work, business, and relationships. The attention span of most girls is very small. You make a plan or mention an outing to one, especially one that isn’t that close, they’re likely going to forget or think it’s not important if you don’t call and remind them the day before or the day of.

Think about it. In your life, you’re used to events being handled that way. Why should they treat you any different? In fact, why do you expect to be treated better than they treat people they consider their good friends? Well, what’s the point of all this?

So, I’m thinking that I shouldn’t call or message ETC until she calls or messages me back from earlier this week. Then I realized that I was falling into similar traps that I’ve been in before. So after talking to Nate (whose back in town) and making plans to hang out tonight, I send her a message asking about her plans.

Apparently a friend of hers is in town so they were likely going to go out tonight (and perhaps why she didn’t bother to call me – because we tend to think that a “date” must be alone time between the two people). Well, I aim to change the way I treat “dates”. I think I talked a little about that here (click link).

So, I invited ETCand friend to hang out with me and Nate. I await the response but I think tonight will be a lot of fun if they come out. Certainly, there would be less tension since we’d both be out with friends and our interaction can be a bit more natural – the way people normally get to know each other.

I certainly didn’t go out to several dinners with any of my closest friends when we first met potentially ending in semi-awkward moments where we decide that maybe we’ll continue to hang out. We just did – doing stuff we were interested in and got to know each other.

I swear, the longer I live, the more I realize that I make certain things way too complicated. I’ve noticed this before, but even though guys (especially) decry this, I think everyone must unconsciously court a bit of drama into their lives. Perhaps it makes for interesting stories 🙂


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  1. kamakula- nice blog.
    a male engineer reading Bitch PhD… How did you come across her site?

    Anyway, I do like your blog. But what makes you the “atypical” engineer as opposed to a typical one?

    and do you say your name: KAM-a-kula, or ka-MAK-ula, or kama-KU-la?

    Comment by Fermi — May 1, 2008 @ 7:33 pm | Reply

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