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April 24, 2008

On Indefinite Hold

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So, I’ve had a crush on HEC (click here for more info) for the past couple months. There was a 2 week period where someone else managed to eclipse HEC (could also be hot enigmatic chick), but that went nowhere. Now, I hear through our mutual friend (the person through which we met) that (and I’m paraphrasing here) it’s nothing personal, HEC just needs time and space now to deal with certain issues.

While I wish I’d heard this from HEC herself, I suppose I’m fine that this has been resolved one way or the other. I did find it interesting that our friend felt a need to mention several times that:

  1. My pursuit of HEC was ok in his book i.e. there’s no beef between us. I know that he and HEC are pretty close friends and that dynamic was always in the back of my mind. Still though, it was interesting that he felt he needed to reassure me. . .
  2. I was the man. Not in those words, but there was some definite ego pumping. . .that I thought was unnecessary but I suppose given the semi-awkwardness of the conversation, I suppose he thought it was necessary.

Of course, I still don’t get to know how HEC actually felt about me in all this, but it all ends the same so I guess it doesn’t matter. Hopefully though, we can still continue to hang out. Now at least, I can just enjoy it for what it is, friends hanging out, and no longer need to think about any unspoken undercurrents. . .

Now I should just focus on finishing up this project, finding a job in CA for the summer, and stop concerning myself with Pittsburgh girls. . .at least not until I get back.


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