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April 20, 2008

Just When I had Given Up. . .

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So, Monday night, I hang out with HockeyEngineerChick (from now on, HEC) and a couple friends of hers to watch the Penguins/Senators game. Good game and I’d decided ahead of time that Monday night was the night. No more of the dancing around the bush games, I needed to know for sure where HEC stood.

However, after it was over, she seemed like she was in a rush to get home, I punked out, and didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Tuesday and Wednesday, I sent HEC a text message inviting her out for some fun this weekend, called a couple times, but zero response. I get an invite from a HS buddy to hang out with her friends and catch a movie Friday night, so I opt for that instead and figure that perhaps there was nothing with HEC after all.

Meanwhile, similar stuff with EnglishTeacherChick (henceforth, ETC). Call, text, no response. I figure perhaps that’s out as well. So, I figure Saturday night, I’d go out and replenish my phone list. Then on my way to Tiki Lounge, I get a call from CuteShortChick (henceforth, CSC), with whom I’d pretty much went through this stuff the previous week.

CSC apologizes for not responding to my messages, busy week, lotsa work, what am I up to? We chat a bit, she’s going out with some friends, but they end up not coming over to the southside. Then today, as I’m working on the DSP final, I get a call from ETC. Sorry, been busy last week with work, wanted me to know she’s sorry about not responding. Cool.

Then a few minutes ago, HEC is online :). Hey, sorry I didn’t respond last week, busy with work then had to go take care of some family stuff. Hmm. Ok.

So, it looks like I’m back in the game. Not thinking about HEC has actually been good for my school work this past week. Now I need to focus and finish this final. I predict an all-nighter is in the works. . . and lots of day dreaming.

I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated with HEC. I don’t think I’ve had a crush on anyone. . . except Dorca in the past five years. Even then, I knew pretty quickly where I stood with Dorca. Perhaps what I’m enjoying is the whole drama of the situation. Things have definitely been interesting between us.


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