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April 10, 2008

I like. . .

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Obviously, I’m still awake. . . well, I may as well attempt to be useful.

I like

  • Having my hair touched or played with. I don’t know. . .there is just something soothing about that.
  • Lying with my head against someone’s lap or chest (preferably female). These are usually soft comfy places. Did I mention soothing?
  • Spicy foods. I like pepper. . . perhaps a higher threshold for pain also correlates to lack of tongue sensitivity where it comes to pepper. People (well. . .Americans) always seem to like food to be a lot blander than I prefer.
  • Cuddling while listening to the sounds of a thunderstorm, the wind howling outside, whooshing through the trees, the irregular beat of rain drops crashing against the roof top, the flash of lightening following a crack of thunder, my arms squeezing tighter, holding. . .
  • Misdirection – in the books I read, movies I watch, and stories I tell. I think I just like challenges too much.
  • Hugs. I’m a sucker for them. . .what can I say?
  • Slow, sensual kisses. It’s not the kiss by itself, but the emotion, intensity, attraction, and passion behind it. The way a hug, or stroking someone’s hair, or whispering in someone’s ear all can convey. . .

seems like words are starting to fail me. Seems like I’m looking for comfort. Perhaps that’s the current way to seduce me. . . that and spicy food lol. I’ll give the sleep thing a try again. . .


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