So Let it be Written, So Let it be Done!

April 3, 2008


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This has been a cool day aside from some craziness I tried to instigate while in my DSP class. Once that was over, I found myself saying some words in my head and decided to write them down.

[Getting a tablet has definitely been a good choice for me! At first, it was mainly about the blend of ultra cool/ hip tablet plus powerful and useful laptop. Now though, note taking and jolting down ideas, drawings, or even unobtrusive surfing of the net where it looks like I’m taking notes 🙂 are cool uses that simplify and enrich my daily use.]

Anyway, I started writing and the attached is what came about. It’s currently incomplete but if you’ve got ideas on how to continue or finish up, let me know!



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  1. […] I was floored because frankly I feel that most people who come up are on a much different level than I. Even with that in the back of my head, I still felt good hearing that. Hopefully, this keeps up through next week when I’ll do a more or less finalized version of this. […]

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