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April 2, 2008

I just thought of an awesome april fools joke

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And now it’s too late. Sigh. I really need to keep a journal of these ideas as they come, then reference them on March 31st of each year and see which ones I can still get away with.

That’s it. This post officially inaugurates the start of my April Fools prank file. And no. . . the only way you’re finding out what one of them may be. . . is if you’re on the receiving end :).

This obviously is a week that I go crazy and blog like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t get excited. . . my blogging occurs in spurts, no matter how many times I promise otherwise.

However, since I’m here, let me address some foolishness I read yesterday. Recently, Chelsea Clinton (who is campaigning for Hillary) has fielded questions on Monica Lewinsky. Her response so far is “that’s none of your business”. On many sites discussing this, the general consensus is – “It is the American people’s business, Bill was our president, we deserve to know, he made it our business by screwing an intern, Chelsea should grow up and answer the question, if she’s going to put herself out there, then she’s ‘fair game’, etc”.

Now, here is my response to this:

Whether you like it or not, her response of “It’s none of your business” is a valid adult response to that question. I’m not quite sure WHY people seem to think it is the American people’s business, but just because they do, it doesn’t mean SHE needs to respond in that manner. Perhaps it’s because I too don’t bow to the masses and succumb to peer pressure. . . However, there is another angle to this. Because to me, Bill’s past infidelity does not affect Hillary’s qualifications as a candidate, I see such questioning as an indirect (or direct) attempt to discredit her by appealing to people’s baser instincts and calling forth some emotional response that bypasses their logical thought processes. So, EVEN if I were legitimately interested and actually asked that question, the response of “none of your business” would end it for me. Period. Therefore, I cannot help but surmise that those who are making a huge deal out of this are not looking for an answer to help them clarify issues they may have about Hillary as a candidate, they are doing this to deliberately attack Hillary via a means that she cannot really defend against. I’m sure there is a term for this – the best I can describe it is as being a reverse straw man, where instead of manipulating someone’s words or arguments to make them seem like they’re against something that they are not, one is manipulating one’s words or arguments to attack someone’s position while posing as a supporter.

The second part of this that bothers me is this growing bullshit of people being “fair game”as soon as they engage in anything that is remotely political. A while ago, while we were into the discussion over expanding SCHIP, there was a story about a family who due to the current laws governing insurance and income, found themselves in a situation where a child was not covered. They were interviewed, and the child (elementary or middle school aged boy) made a statement. Then pundits like Andrea Malkin started attacking him. Death threats were sent to HIM and his parents. Fucking death threats. . .because they supported expanding health insurance to cover more children. Regardless of the arguments over income guidelines for the program, since when did it become acceptable to send hate mail to people, let alone targeting someone based on a topic like this. Then Malkin (and I think our favorite pill popper, Limbaugh) had the nerve to defend or dismiss the attacks and threats by telling us that by speaking out, the boy had become “fair game”.

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. I cannot say it enough. My political aspirations aren’t that great and neither are my core group of friends. However, every once in a while, we can’t help but think, one of us needs to sacrifice our other ambitions and go into politics so we can clean up this bullshit.

America – think about this. We are a country where young intelligent individuals will consider putting their life ambitions on hold to clean up the mess that exists in our “great” political and capitalist system. . . bah, don’t get me started on laissez faire, corporate welfare and regulation, and. . .yeah. I’m just going to stop now. Grr. . . Pat Buchanan, don’t think I have forgotten about your stupid commentary following Obama’s speech!

For the love of all that is good and right, THINK people!


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