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April 1, 2008

Interpret at your Own Risk

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So, the original title of this was ‘As you like it”. . . then I wrote this and decided to change the title:

Someone once accused me of being a Shakespeare nerd. I denied it. . . then almost as quickly ended up revealing my true colors. In any case, this has nothing to do with Shakespeare or even really the topic of that play. Instead, it just happened to be the words that came out while trying to determine a title for this. Perhaps an alternate could be “Interpret at your own risk. . .”

So. . .after a long haitus, I finally wrote something that did not necessarily have anything to do with robotics, school, or my life. Interesting where one can find motivation:

5 o’clock phone call, hi there, look girl, i’ll be over in a couple hours. Let’s go!
Wear something comfortable, an intersting time is gonna be ours. Let’s go.

I arrive a little late, but hey don’t panic, get in let’s go to the place I discussed.
I want you to take the lead, here are the keys, and don’t forget my rule, safety first.

I don’t mean to rush you girl, but let’s get down to business huh. Let’s go.
what? ok, go ahead and check the mirror, the switch is over there. Let’s go.
This looks like a good spot, let’s slow down and ease it in. Let’s go.

You think it’s too big? Nah girl it will fit. Just open your mouth. Let’s go.
Breathe. In. Out. Good, like that. Lets take it slow at first. Let’s go.
I’ll help you guide it in place. I’m going to put my hands on top of yours. Let’s go.
And. show. you. how. I. move. it. Let’s go.

Guiding your hands to the proper position, my fingers intertwining with yours, a gentle direction.
My voice cuts through your thoughts, alright girl, lets pull out and do it again. Let’s go.
You didn’t think this would be over, in. a. few seconds did you now? Let’s go.

In and out we go, once, twice, thrice. But I’m not satisfied with just one ride.
I move you to another position and we turn in at a different angle.
Do you want a challenge girl, lets turn around and do if from the opposite direction.

When we’re done, you’re a different person. The tension is gone from your neck, your shoulders.
Thanks. you. say. for. teaching me to parallel park.

Yeah. . . that’s how I roll πŸ™‚


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  1. hahaha! Clearly, I thought it was a poem about SEX! And I was thinking wow Kamakula, interesting poem and not sure how I felt about it… a little stunned and confused but yet slightly turned on. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Rachell — April 2, 2008 @ 12:51 am | Reply

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