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April 1, 2008

This is what happens when Google fails you.

Filed under: blogging — kamakula @ 2:50 am

Instead of diverting creative engineering minds to creating things such as their current gmail April fool’s joke of Custom Time, they should have been diverting people to the important task of implementing private posts in blogger. Now, I have no choice but to move to a different venue.

Actually, what’s great is that I don’t have to really move. I can make my blogger account private, still post there, then import the less private posts into wordpress. Sweetness. . .that’s all I have to say on that 🙂

As always, I find out about April fools day at the last minute and thus am not prepared. So, instead, I will execute a reverse April fools day on people. This is where I turn THEIR April fools joke onto themselves (yeah – I’m that good).

Ha – just scrolled down and saw you can edit timestamps on posts. . .which means I can manually import posts from other places if I have to . . . damn blogger. . .this is not looking good for you :). Hmm, interesting thing I just noticed – in blogger, I’d tagged all my posts with my username. However, wordpress removed that specific category. . . I guess it makes sense. . but still.


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