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March 23, 2008


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Wow, more than a month since my last update. This was supposed to be an almost weekly or biweekly thing :-).

Let’s see, the girl I went out with on Valentine’s day has pretty much stopped responding to me since about a week afterwards. I suppose I should let it go. It’s kinda hard. Perhaps because it was my first “date” in a while. I think another part of it is that I realized that I could seriously envision a long term relationship with her. However, hearing nothing back is . . . frustrating. Even if it’s “hey, we had fun, but I’m no longer interested”, that would at least allow me to move on easier. Given that I still sometimes send her messages or vms, I’d think it was obvious that I was still interested.

Anyway, I went to DC at the end of February to visit the folks. It was a nice relaxing weekend and when I got back to the burg, I had a very nice Tuesday :-). I probably though should have spent more time preparing for midterms.

Went to the Scranton Day parade. Had a great time, made a couple new friends and now may possibly start hanging out with a few that are back here but for whatever reason we haven’t gotten together. Yesterday seemed to be pretty promising, though today’s activities – or lack thereof – have been disappointing. Perhaps I projected too much of what I wanted onto the actions of others. That’s a good strategy for the game because it keeps you in a positive mindset. However, when you start analysis later on, especially when follow up things fall apart, it never looks as good.

Hopefully I can find a genuine distraction tonight.


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