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February 13, 2008

Fun Times After Thursday’s Class

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So, last week Thursday I went out to a dance club venue. Pretty nice place, college night, lots of great looking people and I made a couple friends, even ran into someone whose 21st birthday I helped celebrate, but nothing productive (for me) besides a learning experience came from the night. After I talked to my boy down in Tallahassee that night (he too had gone out), I was resolved to go out again Friday.

I did, and had a great conversation with two very interesting chicks. Eventually, I was able to semi-isolate the one I was most interested in and got her phone number. I really enjoyed our conversation (which BTW does NOT end once you have a phone number). One thing about that night was that I was out alone without my friends. That came up a few times in conversation. So, Saturday night, when I got home after taking out my best friend and debriefing with my boy, I sent her a fun txt message about that night.

Fast-forward to today. I call in mid afternoon. I get voicemail. Instead of being a chump and hanging up, I left a message. I think I’ve mentioned the strategy before, but it goes something like, “Hey, I just realized something pretty interesting about you. It was when. . .” at which point you hang up. Makes it seem like you were saying something interesting and the line got disconnected without you realizing it. Anyway, I’m not sure if she has heard the message or not, but I called again a few hours later. . . this time, I got her!

We probably chatted for about 20+ minutes [I know. . . I violated my short and sweet rule. . .but you gotta calibrate these things 😉 ] Again, conversation was really flowing. It wasn’t just me talking, she contributed as well, so there is definitely something there. After making several attempts which kept getting sidetracked onto other topics, I got out the, “so, after my potentially late class thursday night, I’m going out to this cool place to eat, want to come along?” Slight pause, then “yes.” SWEET!

What’s great is that I’ve been flirting with a cute waitress that works there and was planning on going for her number sometime in my next couple visits. Now, showing up with an attractive girl on Thursday will not only give me points in the waitresses eyes, but also points in the eyes of the girl accompanying me since she’ll see the interaction between me and the waitress.

Another great thing, in conversation, she mentioned that [REDACTED]. . . Ha, I wonder if I have the balls for that.

Style says you should push past your comfort level. Take it as far as you can. What’s the worst that can happen? Either way, it will be a learning experience. I can’t fall into the trap of one-itis. Many guys do this. They get lonely and once someone shows interest, they become totally compliant AFCs instead of the cool guy they really are who knows what they want and tolerates no nonsense from his friends (or something like that :-0).

Either way, this is great. It is a great boost to my confidence as well as my current and former wings. They know what I’m doing. They’re working the same thing. Improving self-confidence. Being happy with one’s identity. Being more social, unafraid to talk to new people (of the opposite sex), etc. Once they see it in action working for someone they know, before and after, it makes it easier. I definitely need to make sure I [REDACTED]. . . I may get a flower. . .not a rose though, haha. CVS, here I come!


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