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January 23, 2008

I think the Tyrant is on Vacation

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Well, as expected, I’m sorta into the school spirit, well, the spirit of doing work. I’m still being a little too lazy for my own good and I’m sure this will bite me in the ass sometime soon. I’m spending too much time studying and working on the game instead of my class material. I have some ideas for robots and competitions I want to enter/build coming up. I need to structure my time more so that I can manage classes, girls, and robots. Ha, that is the life.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been toying around with different electric heaters since gas is so expensive for heating. I’ve finally settled on what I avoided from the start, using an oil filled radiator. I thought ceramic or quartz heating technologies were up to snuff, but turns out while they may provide “sun like” warmth. They don’t disperse and radiate heat everywhere like the sun does. Also, no matter how long they ran, my bedroom never really got much warmer (well, there was one Holmes quartz tower unit that may have warmed the room a little, just not enough for me to want to keep it). My radiator works like a charm, though as with all electric radiators (and why I initially avoided them) it takes a while to warm the entire place. . .but that whips NOT warming the entire place at all.

So now, I can go back to my normal sleep cycle, that is to say, instead of staying in bed an hour or two past initial waking and turning a 6 hour nap into an 8 hour one, I can now start executing those 4 hour sleep cycles. I’ll probably start with 6 and work my way down. We’ll see how long I can maintain this. I’m hoping this extra energy and interest I’m focusing on the game can be channeled into studying, reading, and practicing for my class stuff. DSP, I can handle as-is. However, I’m behind in SoC – need to learn VHDL (and actually use it), and pattern recognition – I’m keeping up with the prof and material in class, but I’m not sure just what we’re expected to know and want to spend more time studying so that I pretty much know everything 🙂

Gamewise, I think I’ve hit the point where I’ve transitioned from a plain beginner to someone who is actively working at making progress. That’s not to say I did not actively work at it before, it’s just I think as with everything, there are steps to it. You start at the bottom and take the first step. Suddenly, you’re at a much different level but you’ve plateaued. Some time later, you finally have accumulated enough inertia or whatever that you move up another step and then you progress a little along that plateau. I think I’ve moved up a step and am just realizing it. That’s not the best description, but it will do for now. One thing I’ve noticed is that as people get better at the game, they become better at communication (big game meme – it affects all parts of your life -as you get better at the game, you also get better at other things). I’m really excited to think just how much better a communicator I will become. I can see the game helping my academic life. As I get back into research, I’ll be thrown into the world of publish or die (well, not quite that bad, but don’t believe the hype about graduate studies being a pure meritocracy). So, my communication skills will need to improve. At the same time, on the game side, it’ll be improving too. So the two will feed each other, like some sort of symbiotic synergistic beast.


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