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December 20, 2007

Christmas time is here.

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Perhaps some will recognize that song verse from ‘Peanut’s Christmas’. I’m not sure why it came to mind at this moment.

I’m now on the path of cleaning up my apt. I’m moving to robot city! Pittsburgh. I’ll be at UPitt but will by hook or by crook (well, likely by hook) find my way into the doings and going ons at CMU’s robotics institute.

I know. . . I’ve been shirking my blogging duties. However, reading Jon Swift has made me a new man. In addition to sometime soon starting a separate blog for my political leanings (people will not be able to handle the juxtapositions of my politics with my life), I will also update this a little more frequently (weekly at least) instead of my current when inspiration strikes mode.

Between my last post and now, I’ve been in a car accident. After almost a month of dealing with insurance stuff, the matter was resolved. I took my check, put a little more than half in my investment account and spent the rest of the money fixing the damage (labor at $40/hr really adds up). The painting of the hood was not so great. . . will require a little more work to make it look more like the factory job. But I’m happy. Not only did I fix everything with better parts than would have been used had I followed the insurance estimates, but I also saved a lot of money in the process. An added bonus – my car was not totaled. So, I have a clean title!


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