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October 24, 2007

Days Go By

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It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this. This past saturday, I went gokarting with some amigos and the new kid at work. It was fun. Sadly, I seemed to be the worst. I think it has a lot to do with weight and tire quality. I easily outweighed everyone by at least 30lbs so that would affect my top speed in the kart. Also, I’d tend to slide/skid more when making turns. In order to go through turns really well, I’d need to slow down a lot more. . . Anyway, I’m likely going again this weekend so we’ll see. . . I’ll try a couple different tactics.

Moving on into the past, I got into an accident on thursday. I suppose it was partly my fault. I was likely driving at least 10mph over the speed limit. BUT, the truck did swing into my lane instead of turning into the closest lane of traffic. The guy claims he never saw me but either that is total BS or he was not paying attention. Either way, Geico is making this an at-fault accident for me. I’m going to have their adjuster look at it and cut me a check. . . luckily, the body shop I’m using will check for further damage and make Geico up the amount their giving me. I’m really glad to have access to them as a resource.

Even further back, last week sunday, I sprained my medial collateral ligament (mcl -ligament in knee). I still have some pain in the knee when i make quick movements but I think I need to get back to action. I’d likely not play soccer this sunday as well but I’m definitely returning to volleyball and will start jogging again.

I’ve still got no response from AW. I suppose this will be the official post of me giving up on anything further developing. . .


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