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October 12, 2007

Dance Dance

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No, this does not refer to DDR or even Fall Out Boy (though I do seem to like a lot more of their songs than I’d anticipated). Went out for the thursday night part at Irish Pub + Mardi Gras + Floyds. Fun times. I got a couple phone numbers! One is definitely real, I called my phone from hers. The other I’m 70% sure is real, she corrected the number on my phone twice though that one was a little harder to get. I didn’t get any kisses tonight. . ah well, need to work more on my game. For some reason, I’m more confident on the dance floor. I’ve managed to transfer that to my wing JS, sorta, but we still need to work on his AA. I need to work on my off floor AA as well. I’m still trying to figure out what it’ll take for JS. I think he has better non dance floor game than me, but it’s not come out too much. Too bad he’s gone this weekend. I may use this time to get stuff done here and save money for next week! I know I’m likely staying home friday night, unless I feel a pull to head to Tantra or Finnegans.

I want to talk to DL about the phone numbers I got. I’m likely not calling till at least saturday, but I think I need a female opinion as to how I should approach the phone game. I know what I’m supposed to do gamewise, but I want to see if her advice jives with that as well. Maybe I’ll ask YA as well. I mentioned to JS that we need to go after older targets (ie 24-28yo). The problem is where to find such in TLH. The downside of living in a primarily college town.

Volleyball tonight was good, though I didn’t really get any practice in except having to set more often than usual. I still need to work on that, as well as the timing for my blocks and spikes. I think they’re getting better. . .we’ll see. I hope I can muster the energy for Sunday’s soccer game. I’d really like to win, especially against the team we’re playing. I think I’ll likely split between playing stopper and defender, depending on what their attack talent is like and what support the defense turns out to really need. Plus, stepping back from stopper will give me time to rest in game. I’d likely have to sit out one period, hopefully no more than that. I get the feeling that I won’t get a chance to go into goal. That’s not really a problem though, my talents are more needed elsewhere and we have competent goalies besides me. At current count, there are four of us that could play the position pretty well!

Anyways, I need to start planning my sleep time. I’d like to get to work early this morning. . . I think i’ll go for 3 hours of sleep. If I start at 3am, that gives me plenty of time to get ready in the morning. Perhaps I need to make calls earlier. I don’t need to necessarily speak to them on the phone, but leave a message that keeps me fresh in their minds so if there is some positive repsonse, then when I do call for real (and they hopefully answer), I can have something to work with. Gaah, that AW is soo cute. She has no idea the impact she’s had on me. Anyway, I should stop typing before I reveal more than I want to reveal. Haha.


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  1. hi kamakula,

    thanks for visiting “she walks.” i just wanted to drop you a note to say that i have already tried that (i did that right away!) and it’s not true!

    4 of us at one time were looking at the same image on the same screen, and it was totally different for all of us! we were arguing over it: “she’s going clockwise!” “no she isn’t! wait, now she is!” “no she isn’t!” etc. 🙂

    Comment by k — October 13, 2007 @ 12:26 am | Reply

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