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October 10, 2007


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So, emailed AW as instructed. Got a reply like 30 minutes later. No real mention of our non 2nd date though she did imply that’s she’s been busy (and will continue to be) with some stuff. That’s cool. I replied to her email, but now my two strikes rule is in effect – she has to make the next move towards any kind of date. . . Ah well.

I talked with a good friend of mine (very hot [and I will mention it only this once] ) DL about my breakdown the other day. She had some good advice. I was ok, but it was still nice to talk to her about it.

Other parts of life are ok. Watching the FSU games has inspired some of us to work harder. So, now I’ll be getting in some more practice and improving my skills. I’d like to be able to do that with soccer as well, but I just don’t have the commitment for that. I do need to go out running more often. . .that will pay dividends in soccer where it comes to endurance.

I suppose this blog is more about my personal life and less about my commentary on stuff in the world. I’m a pretty political person. . .or maybe pretty opinionated and have other issues and things I’m passionate about. Perhaps I’ll start bringing them up slowly and sorta turn this into a mishmash of the entirety though it will never become a hugely technology/robotics driven thing. . .unless I’m in crunch mode working on something :-).

Tomorrow is dance club night. My wing is going to be gone this weekend, so I suppose I should try to party it up or up my game. Practicing for this game is harder than most. . I guess mainly because it’s hard to figure out what expert you want to use or stick with.


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