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September 26, 2007

What’s new?

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A lot has changed since my last blog. I’m sad to report that I have not really worked on the robot that much since then. Anyway, the news:

  • Got my degrees. Yay, now I’m no longer hostage to my old school.
    • Still have some stuff to complete for them. . . . on my time!
  • Started checking out the bar/club scene. I wanted to effect a major change on my personality and self confidence. It started out slow but I’m making major progress :-). Just had my first date (since I’ve been single) a couple days ago .. I’ll get to that later.
  • Lost my glasses (at one of those dance clubs) so now I’m sporting contacts and will be getting a stylish new set (well, just one) of glasses next week.
  • Did some major work on my car – I’ve not mentioned my 318ti. It’s a beaut. Sporty and fun yet chock full of utility. My perfect car. . . well almost.
    • It’s now sporting a limited slip diff that I swapped in myself.
    • Beefier half-shafts and new suspension components. Again, all work done by me.

And now I’m tired of this. . . yeah, I didn’t even go too deep. Eventually, my blogs will reveal things that I’m too lazy to write right now. Or perhaps I’m itching to get to the reason why I’m likely going to restart blogging in full force. . .

So, a few weeks ago, I’m shopping at a mall looking for a hat to wear when I go out. The hat store has little selection and I leave since I couldn’t find or think of any other stores where I could find what I wanted. Oh, I’d also been searching for a medallion of some sort but likely I’ll have to do online searches for places that make it their business to sell men jewelery. Anyway, As I’m exiting the mall, the sign for a store that sells at really discounted prices some really good clothes catches my eye and I decide, why not go in, maybe I’ll see something that I like.

I enter the store and spend a couple hours browsing, trying on some shirts, looking for ones in better sizes, picking out a couple pairs of shoes (I needed new running shoes to replace my other ones that have gotten worn out and I’d always wanted a pair of solid dress casual shoes). At some point, I’m pretty much ready to check out. I’d made some slight attempts to flirt with one of the girls that was manning the changing room but nothing came of that. However, as I approached the register area, I notice this hot girl there. She has a great smile, looks to be a fun person, and has a lot of people in line. It would be so obvious for me to get into that line when there are about 2-3 others that are empty. So, I roll off and pretend to inspect some case of watches. Eventually, her line thins to one, I get in, and we start chatting.

The conversation was fun. It starts with me asking her to convince me to buy both the shoes, then I make a joke about not eating for a month. She asks about that, I say I cook sometimes. I ask her if she cooks and some veiled questions trying to determine when she works at the store. Then I notice a ring on her ring finger. Ouch. I continue the banter but decide not to bother about doing anything. To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have done anything if there weren’t a ring. At best, my plan that evening was to hope the conversation turned towards bookstores, coffee, or movies, and then I’d have the perfect opportunity to say, hey, would you like to accompany me doing X sometime so we could talk more. So, I walk out of the store about $130 poorer and not really any better than I walked in.

The next day, I actually try on the running shoes and they’re too big. Great! This means I have to return them to the store. Maybe I’ll run into the hot cashier (who btw seemed to have a british accent). Maybe the ring was a gift from her grandma? Maybe she’s single. I don’t know any of the answers to that question and I won’t find out if I don’t make a move. So, after work, I goto the store. . . and she’s working the customer service line. Perfect. I get in line, she’s helping someone ahead of me, but we make small talk. She seems to remember me from a couple days ago. She’s smiling a lot. . .but that could just be her being nice to a customer. I give her the shoes I want to exchange and goto look around for another pair. Return to the line, we talk some more while she’s checking me out (the shoes. . .)

I ask about the ring, it’s her sweet sixteen ring, YES! I can’t remember how I asked about her being single, but yes, she’s single. However, I can’t bring myself to ask her out or ask for a phone number. She’s done. There’s another customer behind me. I walk out. To my car. I can’t do this. I can’t let this chance go by because I was scared. I think I may have made a connection with this girl. I go back to the store. Get in line. She asks if she forgot something, I respond “sort of”. She’s done with the customer, looks at me. I think she has some idea of why I’m back in line. I say the words: “Would you like to go out and get some coffee some time?” She responds: “I don’t like coffee”. Without missing a beat or losing the smile on my face, I say “cool, neither do I. How about ice cream.” She says “you know, I do have a sweet tooth.” YES. YES. YES. I say, “aha, so that’s how to get to you.” I pull out a piece of paper from my pocket and a pen, and say “write down your email address”. We make small talk about why asking for a phone number will not be good. Her (AW from now on): “I barely answer the phone anyway, email is a much better way to reach me.” Me: “Good, I’ve no interest in developing a nice relationship with your voicemail anyway”. I feel my confidence skyrocketing. The other cashiers who are now staring at the two of us quickly puts that back in its place. I pocket the paper and pen, say something to the effect of see you later, and walk out of the store. To my car. And drive away. And only when I am out of possible eye and ear shot of anyone from that store do I do my celebratory yell and fist pumping.

So, we email each other back and forth. She wants to get to know me (and prescreen me) before any dates. That’s cool, I’m willing to do this. And it’s good. I learn a lot about her too. Theater student, wants to be an actress, been in a couple independent films and commercials, a part time model, can sew, etc. . . Hey, I like. . And then one day, no more emails. I hold tight. Two days. . three days, four. I’m getting worried but decide not to press the issue. I tell myself if she’s interested, she’ll write back. She doesn’t. Almost a week later, I craft a missive that pretty much states “Hey, I just noticed we haven’t talked in a while. If you’re still interested in going out for icecream, let me know”.

A couple days later, I get an email. AW: “Hey, I’ve been busy. How about later today or tomorrow.” However, I see the email “later today”. I respond with a tomorrow. No response from her. . . I send one later that day, “Looks like we missed each other, how about you pick the time and place”. I get a response. . .with her pick of a time and place. Perfect. I also now have her phone number. Even perfecter (HA, someone thinks that’s a real word). The next day at lunch, we meet for sweet sweet ice cream.

Everything goes well. Conversation flows pretty nicely. I think it was maybe 55/45 her to me. . not a bad ratio for me in conversation on what a few months ago would have been one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life. At the end, AW brings up the next date – next week! Yay. I have to say I like this girl a lot. In many ways we are similar. In many ways we are different. I’m not sure how far things will go between us, but I think I’ll be glad and the better for the experience no matter what.


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