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April 16, 2007

Firefighting Competition Over – now at IEE SoSE conference

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So, I was not able to get my robot into competition ready mode. The following was accomplished before I left trinity:

  • Robot base 75% complete.
  • Encoders tested and partially working.
  • Successful measurement of PWM pulse width from accelerometer.
  • Successful test of A2D code.
  • Implementation of PID code.

Unaccomplished Items:

  • Creation and testing of tone detection circuit.
  • Testing of IR detectors ability to find candle.
  • Creation of mechanism to put out candle.
  • Testing of route guidance code.
  • Testing of I2C code.

After I finally got the PWM code working, I started testing closed loop PID control of wheel speed. However, I noticed that the encoder output was too erratic to be used. It would take too long to attempt to calibrate PWM values to match speeds for each motor, so I decided to halt further work on the robot and go around talking to other builders, taking pictures/video, and enjoying other parts of the competition.

I still plan on getting the robot balancing and doing to hallway following/obstacle avoidance behaviors. Once I get back home, complete my final exam project, and some other school related things, I’ll see if I can redo the wheel encoders (perhaps add pull-down resistors on the output lines). With working encoders, I can determine the necessary PID parameters for closed loop wheel speed control. From there, I can work on closed loop control balance control. Once the robot is balancing, I can test driving the robot around and then add the hallway following and obstacle avoidance behaviors.

My experience this year has taught me a lot. I’ll likely discuss some of that here as time progresses.


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