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April 9, 2007

Almost Five Days Left

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This are not looking good.

  • Broke a gear tooth with a superglue – gearbox accident. Luckily, Publix sells nail polish remover (acetone) which fixed the motor. But now I must next day air a couple spare gearboxes on Monday.
  • Spent hours tweaking the makefile until I got the PLL correct. . .
  • Wrote up lots of code. . . but a lot depends on displaying stuff over serial. However, it turns out implementation of stdio is incomplete in WinARM. There are work arounds. . . but I get the feeling they will take a long time to work through.

Hopefully, when things pull together, work will progress quickly. Just need to figure out a way to pull it.

Things left to do:

  1. Cut out lexan for structural components.
  2. Test out encoder circuitry.
  3. Write quadrature encoder code.
  4. Write accelerometer code.
  5. Write ultrasonic sensor code.
  6. Test A2D (infrared sensors).
  7. Design tone detector circuit.
  8. Get serial code to work.
  9. Test PWM
  10. Figure out competition strategy/algorithm (chances are this will be be partially coded on my flight to Hartford).

I suppose I could work around the serial stuff by cutting and pasting from the sample code. . . I was hoping to have ISR driven print capability that was light-weight. . . but I guess I can sacrifice that for development time. After all, with the PLL, it’s running at 60Mhz and I’ve got plenty of code space. . .


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